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34. Into the Grand Arcaneum

General Summary

After the adventurers’ deliberation, Idan led them to a shed located in the church of Avalon’s back area. He opened a hidden trap door that brought the group into a compact room below. The elven archer then brandished a mark on his arm which he used to open a portal on a wall. This opening led the group to a storage room connected to Grand Magister Alexandre’s closet, located in his quarters within the Grand Arcaneum. The storage room yielded some supplies, including weaponry and potions. Among the consumables found, the adventurers discovered three doses of Philters of Faenorias, which Idan warned to be potent and dangerous to those untrained in their consumption. The party scouted out the rest of Alexandre’s closet and bathroom before proceeding to his bed chambers where they were promptly attacked by moving shadows and shadow hounds. Despite the initial onslaught, the warriors fought their way through the Grand Magister’s chambers and, subsequently, his office. They then faced the final obstacle of the area: an overgrown mass of animated flesh and body parts. Afterwards, they discovered that Magistress Miria of Daramond had sequestered herself and one other living survivor in a barrier, only to be rescued by the adventurers from a gruesome demise.

The combined group took some time to recollect, question Miria of the goings-on in the Arcaneum, and decide their next steps. Miria offered to open a path to the Archives Infinium for them through her access to the Arcaneum’s defenses, but she warned them that she had little control within the Archives Infinium. The party, once more after some ruminations, decided to pursue the invaders’ trail towards the Archives. With Miria’s aid, the Arcaneum’s structure shifted to provide them a way to their destination. Their trek took them through a storage room inhabited by mimics followed by a seemingly calm and empty bathhouse. However, as the adventurers began to make their way through, the bathhouse began to move and turn in place. They scrambled to reach the door at the other end which would hopefully lead them to progress; after much fumbling and being tossed around, the entire party eventually made it to a hall filled with nothing but doors.

Without hesitation, and while looking at Jester to prove a point, Kent threw open the first door he saw and was subsequently sucked inside. After a brief free fall, he managed to to exit through another opening that sent him careening into a room filled with a viscous, putrid ooze. André dove in after Kent, and the two managed to trudge their way to safety while the rest of the party worried over their status outside. The group then took a more conservative approach to opening the doors in the hallway, figuring out that some operated in pairs. André and Kent discovered a bathroom and a bizarre stageroom in the process, before the adventurers stumbled upon a room containing a statue of the Archmage Vyliar’faeien. They discerned the magical riddle imprinted on the walls and the base of the statue then solved it to reveal a spiral staircase leading under the room. The descent brought the group to an antechamber that should lead them to the Archives Infinium.

Character(s) interacted with

Marian de Crevier
Miria of Daramond

Report Date
25 Feb 2018
Primary Location
The Grand Arcaneum
Secondary Location

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Author's Notes

"I am grateful for their appearance. Who knows how long either I or the boy would have lasted once my defenses were spent...Though, some of them did take me by surprise, with their...demeanor. I am more than willing to attribute that to the circumstances, however."
— —Miria of Daramond

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