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35. Assault on the Archives

General Summary

After a brief debate, Kent opened the door. However, instead of finding themselves in the Archives Infinium, the adventurers saw a massive hallway lined with mirrors. When they entered, the automated voice of Grand Magister Alexandre declared the state of the Archives’ defenses. Puzzling over the current arrangement, the adventurers had Idan introduce himself which then confirmed that only certain individuals had the authority to enter the Archives at the current time. The party attempted numerous ways to move past the obstacle, including making a run for the exit provided to Idan and attempting to reason with the projection of Alexandre present in the hall. Ultimately, the adventurers resorted to shattering the mirror panels and caused the hallway to revert back to the original appearance of Meslrane’s Way (the connecting pathway between the Grand Arcaneum and the Archives Infinium). While they succeeded in overcoming the current obstruction, they inadvertently caused the rest of the Archives’ defenses to begin failing.

In the aftermath, the group decided to take the time to rest, battered and beaten after the scuffle with Alexandre’s double. Idan, who had gone relatively unscathed through their trek in the Arcaneum, volunteered to continue moving forward with their consent. The group subsequently began their extended rest, taking watches over the course of it. As dawn neared, the reinforcements from the Order of Avalon, led by High General Ballihan Oreses arrived at Meslrane’s Way. Getting past brief introductions, the combined forces of the adventurers and the Order of Avalon’s retinue proceeded into the Archives. Immediately after their entrance, several hostile constructs, identified by General Oreses as “Alexandre’s toys,” accosted the group. They disposed of the sentinels before proceeding to where the Archives’ panic rooms were located. However, creatures of the Scourge had already occupied the nearby area. The adventurers, in tandem with the Order of Avalon, disposed of the present monsters, including two creatures which looked like they were comprised of humanoid body parts. As they investigated the area, Kent found an arm amongst the creatures remains which heavily resembled Idan’s. Though the heroes initially feared the worse, they looked towards the still sealed panic rooms with slivers of hope.

Character(s) interacted with

Idan of the Band of Six
High General Ballihan Oreses of the Order of Avalon

"They still have half their wits about them, after fighting that beast o' the Sourge. So, they got that goin' for them!"
— —High General Ballihan Oreses
Report Date
03 Mar 2018
Primary Location
The Grand Arcaneum
Secondary Location
Archives Infinium

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