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37. The Plan

General Summary

Before entering the final chamber, the adventurers formulated a plan to strike down the beak-masked mage and stop the ritual to steal the vault. The group split into two groups and attacked from different fronts. However, the conducting of their plan did not go as smoothly as hoped. The mage from the Coliseum transformed a corpse of a woman present in the room into a feral creature of the Scourge using the dagger that held Grand Magister Alexandre’s soul. As the combat proceeded, the adventurers discovered the hardiness of the mages heading the assault. Kent, who had released the Corruption from the Purification Phylactery into himself, and Andraste attempted to purify one of the assassins while the corrupted Scourge creature struck down Jester, who then succumbed to her wounds. Ultimately, the invaders completed their ritual to shrink the Archives Infinium’s treasured vault before teleporting away. Yet, the adventurers’ plight did not end there, as the removal of the vault set off a sequence in the chamber resulted in its eventual collapse and fall into the Archives’ main library below. While most of the party escaped from the falling vault, Kent, Andraste, and Tycus, who was carrying Jester’s body, rushed to to descend the shelves before being caught in the final crash. Tycus and Andraste survived, though Kent was crushed underneath the rubble.

The surviving party members conducted a search and rescue of the trio caught by the collapse before Varris requested for General Oreses, who had helped evacuate the civilians in the Arcaneum, to resurrect Jester. André also used the previously emptied Purification Phylactery to remove the Corruption from Kent’s corpse. In the aftermath of the events, the adventurers were escorted to the Chateau de Curieux where they finally rested. In the coming days, the party dealt with the aftermath of the attack on the Arcaneum as well as saw to some of their own personal matters. General Oreses proposed a way to resurrect Kent, despite the circumstance, though at a great cost to the party. In return, the adventurers agreed to essentially come into the employ of the Order of Avalon in exchange for the service. As part of this negotiation, Varris claimed that the Cloaks may have associations with the Scourge, a claim which caused General Oreses to mandate proof.

Character(s) interacted with

Anatoly Yevgen
The mage from the Coliseum
Ballihan Oreses
Firon Gael'toryn
Lady Emma Trow
Lord Beren Trow
Rhia of Toryn
Barian Bobbit
Miria of Daramond
King Edgar of Conais

"I can't say I didn't hope for more than what happened. But, now ain't the time for regrets, and they seem like a bunch who won't give just because of this."
— —Ballihan Oreses
Report Date
19 Mar 2018
Primary Location
Archives Infinium
Secondary Location

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