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Eryll Tahl'Rei


An overwhelming 87% of Eryll Tahl'Rei's population is of elven ancestry. Of this percentage, approximately 80% are high elves, 15% are wood elves, and 5% are of half-elven heritage. For the remainder of the city's population, 9% are gnomes and the last 4% encompass the remaining minority races, most of which are often foreign travelers.

Less than 1% of the population of the city belongs to the official Noble class of citizens, which includes the venerated royal family of Eri. The remaining percentage belongs to an unlabelled group, often just referred to as citizens; more culturally steeped categorizations label the entire population of Eryll Tahl'Rei, as well as the Evergreens overall, as "children of the Mother." Approximately half of the city's population work or other provide service directly correlated to the city's and kingdom's operations (including armed forces, bureaucracy, service opportunities in the Verdant Keep, and many more). Other employment opportunities involve agriculture, academia, the arts, entertainment, crafting, manufacturing, and many more. Furthermore, less than 10% of the city's population are considered minors for their respective races or species.

Eryll Tahl'Rei hosts a large population of beasts and other benign non-sapient creatures with most households possessing at least some type of pet or domesticated creature. Thousands of these creatures conduct services in the city, including (but not limited to) communications, security, infrastructure, hygiene management, and entertainment. In estimations, this non-humanoid population more than likely exceeds the total humanoid population of the city.


Eryll Tahl'Rei acts as the central seat of government for the Kingdom of the Evergreens. The Sovereign possesses absolute political control over the city (and the nation) with the authority to pass laws, mobilize the armed forces, call for mass addresses, and invoke other rights at a whim. The Green Court provides an advisory position to the Sovereign, serving as the representative body of various factions within the kingdom, such as the Nobles, the intelligentsia, mages of the arcane and divine, and the military. More often than not, however, the Sovereign directly affects the macro-affairs of the kingdom and delegates the specificities of running the nation to various departments and bureaucracy, all of which remain beholden to the Sovereign and the royal family.


Eryll Tahl'Rei has a city guard with approximately 25,000 members. However, the bulk of the city's combat power comes from the presence of the Evergreen's stationed armed forces (about 100,000 in the capital) and the Verdant Guard (the Verdant Keep's elite royal guard that numbers at around 1,000 protectors). Sentinel Trees serve as stations for defenses, allowing for quick mobilization of forces throughout the city with its interconnected tree ways.

Through the use of arcane and divine magic by the Court Mage and resident shamans, the city supposedly has multiple magical wards that protect it from attacks, especially those of the Outsiders. These magical defenses range from wards to enchanted constructs that follow the commands of magical and military officials.


Most of Eryll Tahl'Rei's citizens work in government-controlled sectors. Agriculture is a massive industry, mainly subsidized for the public, to sustain the city's population. Due to methods refined over thousands of years, mostly incorporating magic, Eryll Tahl'Rei produces a surplus produce yield, from staples crops to other fruits and vegetables, that it exports to other settlements.

The city government has also sequestered widespread tree farms outside of the city's limits. Workers plant and nurture trees which are used for the city's living construction methods. These tree farms also work with lumberyards to wood for use in manufacturing, though the city produces only enough for local use.

Eryll Tahl'Rei bolsters its royal treasury off trade between settlements and, prior to the Isolation of the Evergreens, foreign powers. These enterprises have heavy tariffs imposed upon them, though the city's large population often offsets possible costs to traders. Most often, the city imports metals, spices, and luxury items, though cost-wise, material components for magic users are among the most expensive items brought into the city (especially compared to the quantity brought in).


Eryll Tahl'Rei is a radially structured city. The Verdant Keep nested in the Great Mother Oak stands at the very center of the capital. The royal gardens surround the Great Mother Oak for a quarter sylm, ending as it meets with the first radial lake known as Eru. The next ring of land, called Aloer, houses the Noble class of the city and the incumbent members of the Green Court. Another radial lake known as Tadeil comes follows. The bulk of Eryll Tahl'Rei is located in the ring following Tadeil, most commonly called Orein, where the city proper melds almost seamlessly with the surrounding forests. City limits are often demarcated by Sentinel Trees, guard towers that station dedicated city patrolmen.

Most buildings in Eryll Tahl'Rei are either grown, carved, or molded out of trees and other flora. The city as a whole sports massive streets that allow for more convenient movement of beasts and larger vehicles.

Eryll Tahl'Rei employs a significant public transportation system that operates through the entirety of the city. One way employs creative, magical uses of fauna. Each ring is connected to the next ring by massive wooden bridges near ground level available for use to most city-dwellers. However, there are also tree ways, which come in several forms. Standard tree ways come in the form of vine-like overpasses meant for lower traffic. Within rings, express tree way systems use vines to rapidly move individuals between stopping points. Beasts are also used in managing these tree ways, often in doing menial jobs (such as returning vines to proper stations) or signaling/messaging citizens regarding usage. Large, domesticated creatures (most commonly Feylandian steeds and Doiri bears) are used to move public transport vessels throughout the city, such as wagons, carriages, and hanger platforms.


The Verdant Keep in Eryll Tahl'Rei houses the royal treasury, which purportedly contains a million gold's worth of currency and other physical assets.

Orein contains most of the city's businesses and commonly accessible institutions. However, matters of magic and possible services can exclusively be found only in Orein.

Guilds and Factions

The Noble Houses represent the most notable bloodlines, or families, in the Kingdom of the Evergreens and all are based in the city of Eryll Tahl'Rei. House Eri is the most notable of these families, being the dynasty that has ruled the nation for tens of thousands of years. In the modern day, the number of Noble Houses fluctuates from about seven to ten. Every House participates in the Green Court, though each one oversees specific domains of society in Eryll Tahl'Rei and, by extension, the Kingdom of the Evergreens.

Eryll Tahl'Rei also possesses an established intelligentsia whose most prominent members belong to the Green Court. These individuals are not a consolidated faction of themselves, though their work often influences the direction of laws, business, and cultural movements that spread through the capital and out to the rest of the nation.

Eryll Tahl'Rei serves as the central hub of the Evergreens' armed forces with the Chief Commander of the Kingdom of the Evergreens heading it. However, the military also has a militia-like sub-group that protects the capital akin to a city guard. Another official branch is the Verdant Guard who exclusively protect the royal family and the Verdant Keep; while the Verdant Guard has several officers, the Royal Protector holds the most authority.

Each factions or group in the city follows the Sovereign of the Kingdom of the Evergreens.


The architecture of Eryll Tahl'Rei fuses primal influences with modern architectural forms plausible due to arcane constructions methods. Many of the buildings in Orein either originate or meld with multiple types of trees and other plant life, which has necessitated usage of bold or otherwise striking signage. The structures of Aloer tend to be more built than grown, however, combining materials like stone or metals with flora in construction; as a result, the homes of Nobles somewhat ironically appear more akin to Varian architectural designs than standard Feylandian builds.

Green is by far the most popular coloration and schemes in the city, though it is often accentuated by other colors and hues according to personal taste.

Alternative Name(s)
The Heart of the Evergreens
450,000 (includes surrounding locales)
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Feylands
Owning Organization
Kingdom of the Evergreens

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Cover image: Overlooking Tree City by Jan He


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