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36. Assault on the Archives, Part 2

General Summary

The panic rooms opened to the adventurers after calling out their names and intentions to hiding scholars. Within the one of the rooms, they encountered an unconscious, one-armed, and once more corrupted Idan. The adventurers with aid from General Oreses resuscitated Idan, and the party also discovered that Anatoly Yevgen, their vampiric acquaintance from Vesium, had been responsible for the security of the panic rooms. Anatoly then informed them of the location of the Archives Infinium’s vault after being told of their intention. They spent some time formulating a plan to scale Archives to reach the vault with Anatoly and Idan accompanying them while General Oreses and the platoon of Order of Avalon knights escorts the civilians from the panic rooms to safety.

After the Order of Avalon led the charge to distract the Archives’ defenses, the group enacted their plan to rush up the floating bookcases towards the illusory ceiling. However, their attempts to quickly move up quickly met road bumps as a trio of the intruders, the mage present at the Coliseum of Derogen and two assassins, met them on their way. As the scuffle continued, Varris utilized the Purification Phylactery on the individual Idan identified as Firon, based on his fighting style. The attempt resulted in success, leaving Varris exhausted and Firon in a state of frenzy, though Idan subsequently restrained the latter. The remaining intruders retreated after the other assassin revealed his identity. With a few of the sentinels still active and hostile, the party proceeded to the top where Anatoly had worked on opening the way to the vault. After another close call between Kent and Jester this time, their entire company successfully entered the vault’s antechamber. They again took some time to recollect themselves while Anatoly scouted ahead. The vampire returned with news that another mage seemed to be conducting a ritual to shrink the vault, possibly for transport. Time of the essence, the adventurers set their sights for the final room.

Character(s) interacted with

Anatoly Yevgen
Ballihan Oreses
Firon Gael'toryn
The mage from the Coliseum

"Once again, our paths cross. Misfortune seems the common denominator in all of our encounters. Though, perhaps now, I have cause to consider it good fortune; death and destruction around us notwithstanding."
— —Anatoly Yevgen
Report Date
12 Mar 2018
Primary Location
Archives Infinium

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