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The Order of Avalon Establishes a Post in Duford

Military action


Due to reports of the Corruption in the vicinity of Duford, the Order of Avalon formally establishes an office in Duford.

The Order of Avalon had received rumors that the nearby Lifurion Mines had traces of Corruption. An official from the Order of Avalon investigated the area with cooperation with a local group and returned confirmation of the signs. Over the next weeks, the Order of Avalon made its formal declarations to the major states surrounding Duford of the event and the holy order's intentions to see to its answer. By the 1st Avelday of Audh, the Order of Avalon had set up an office in Duford's church to Avalon while they saw to the Scourge in the Lifurion Mines. The town subsequently experienced an influx of travel and business following the event.