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Aleis' Dagger

Early in Vadra's history it is said Aleis, the Aviri who graces the world with beauty, was overcome with despair and created a dagger with which to kill herself. When Skofir pursued her, ultimately averting her plans, the dagger fell to the ground in a secluded place.  

Power and Design

  Aleis' Dagger, being made by an Aviri, to be used on an Aviri, is suspected of being able to kill anything that draws breath. In addition to this, the weapon being made by the most beautiful Aviri, it is also the most beautiful weapon, being made entirely of gold, mixed with a metal unknown to mortals, and studded with precious stones. The unique alloy results in a subtle translucence in the blade. It seems, even in despair, that Aleis could not stop her work of beautification. Though the blade itself being adorned in diamond shards positioned as barbs puts a grotesque twist on decorative weapons.  


  This weapon is sought after more than any other mostly for its connection to Aleis, as well as its exquisite design. While it is valued for its power to kill monsters, even in times of peace governments are willing to do whatever it takes to have possession of this artifact.  


  Guardians were chosen to remove the blade from public attention, or at least keep it from public possession. It was the Aviri Skovir, the watchman of the forest, who charged his followers, the Rangers, to take the blade and keep it from falling to evil purpose. The few times Aleis' Dagger came to light were due to evil creatures necessitating its use.


Divine, mythic.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
One of a kind.
Raw materials & Components
Pure gold, precious stones, a metal uknown to the mortal world.


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