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The Nightingale's Cradle

Written by Etoilebane

At the lowest level of The Heart of Progress, beyond all the security, traps and rocksweat is a room filling contraption with disconnected cables, smashed processors and wires coming from every direction. Scans of the area indicate a strong, lingering meta signature, and the electrical draw of the contraption is strong enough to act as a minor magnetic pole for the planet of Tumult.
A faint inscription on the outer edge of the contraption says 'The Nightingale' in a flowing script. Researchers attempting to analyze the script indicate that it shares the same meta-signature as the rest of the device, and appears to have been done without the assistance of any currently available tool.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The machine works to pacify and contain one of Anthem's children until they're released from the Cradle to do good in the universe.
This was essentially the case with the Nightingale, until The Apple of Hedonism found the cradle and its contents after the corruption and fall of Artian-01-04. The rocksweat and corrupted meta-environment of Tumult didn't do it any favors either.


When Anthem left, they created seven children to; essentially take their place and help the universe. This cradle is the original resting place of one of those children.
Item type
1 of 7 in the universe.
12-17 tons, exact measurement unknown
Base Price
Approximate value unknown
Raw materials & Components
Steel. Wires. Copper. Circuitry. Gold. Platinum. Processors. Bismuth. Cables. Meta. Electricity. Rocksweat
Presumably hand assembled by Anthem them-self, or through remote control of a foundry/factory. Additional wiring and installation into The Heart of Progress was accomplished by an unknown entity prior to construction of the remainder of the building.


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