Heart of the Golden King

Le coeur du Roi d'Or

In 1761, an emerald mine in French Muisca brought out the largest stone yet found. Larger than a man's head and weighing almost 700 lbs, the emerald was said to be the heart of the mountain, or the heart of the Golden King.   The name further devolved into "the Gold Stone", which had led to a great deal of confusion and misconception about the gem, which contains no gold at all. Many guests of Versailles, upon asking to view the renown Gold Stone, have walked away in confusion over why the mass of gold they were expecting was instead an emerald.
The Golden King
In the mythology of the Muisca, Mnya the Gold, or golden colour, represents the energy contained in the trinity of Chiminigagua, which constitutes the creative power of everything that exists. The Golden King is a traditional ceremony in honour of this, in which the ruler of the Muisca bathes himself in gold. This tradition later morphed into a city of gold, which is familiar in our world as El Dorado
The Gold Stone was taken back to France and gifted to King Louis XV, whereupon it became a symbol of royal power. The stone was minimally cut to maintain its large size, and then placed upon a death pathway to absorb vesanmer and become the world's largest Pathstones. While being charged, it remained under constant guard. Unlike most pathstones, the Gold Stone was never engraved with formulas to control its function. It was too rare and glorious, Louis thought,t o restrict it to a single use. Instead, it was placed on a pedestal in the royal audience chamber with wires hidden beneath the rug. This single stone powered every light in the room, casting it in a soft green glow, as a display of power.   The Gold Stone was taken to the Tuileries Palace after the march on Versailles in 1789. It was locked away there, and never taken out on display as it had been at Versailles. It was seized by revolutionaries after the storming of the Tuileries in 1792.   The stone is currently in possession of the National Convention, who hope that it's significant power will be enough to banish the wraiths from the French countryside once they finally figure out a formula to do so. The stone is brought out during assembly meetings after the fashion of the king, symbolically presenting the National Convention of the rightful successors of the king's power.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
One of a kind
695 lbs
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