True Cross

A most powerful relic of inrithism - a cross upon which Inri himself was crucified. The sheer implication of this object - a tool that brought death to the God in flesh - is what makes it relic. The fact that it was also used for a creation of major religion (that today is among the strongest in the world) with millions of adherents makes it even stronger.   Cross is, of course, not something an average person can carry around and swing at people or something like that. It is a more 'strategic' artifact, that grants an intense raise in morale to all those participating in the entire military campaign that it was assigned to. This effect is on a truly supernatural level - easily making even conscripted peasants go into a suicide mission willingly.   On the other hand it requires many things to properly 'trigger' itself, for example being a part of a campaign with papal approval. Either a defensive warfare against enemies of faith or a crusade to liberate lost lands/defend the faithful. Certain level of dignity among the soldiers that receive this buff (raping and pillaging sacred places, or murdering innocents causes it to fade away until proper penance is done).
Name:True Cross
Type: Execution Tool
Category: Mundane Artifact
Subcategory: Relic
Grade: Black Crystal Grade
Place of Origin: Aktaab
Time of Creation: Circa 1088 PIE.
Creator: Unknown.
Materials: Black Pine Wood.
Indestructible X
Morale Raise X
Purifying X
Notable Owners: Kingdom of Inrithia   Status: Secured by Kingdom of Inrithia.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic


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