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The First Crown

A crown of copper and gold the first and last crown forged by the first king of humanity and will be worn by the last.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Has a single ruby that is infused with magical power encrusted to the front providing power to the enchantments. The enchantments on the crown prevents any race besides a human from touching it incinerating them. Gives off an aura of authority. Projects a weak magical field around the wearer protecting against magic and physical attacks. Causes and increased hatred towards other races and will guide the wearers blade towards their hearts.


Cultural due to this being the crown that was crafted and worn by the first king of humanity Howard Lee Niles. Is a symbol of how humanity will never be ruled over by another race due to several kings habits including the first to execute enemies of different races by forcing them to wear the crown and the power of it then incinerating them. Is seen by other races as a symbol of humanities arrogance and there have been many attempts to to steal and destroy the crown each being foiled and all those involved being shown the power of the crown or executed. anyone who managed to steal the crown would be able to offer any price as ransom or sale, if they managed to survive the attempt and escape capture for doing so risks life and limb of you and everybody you know. Caused a massive revolution after one of the kings granted dwarves independence and the crown flew of their head while they signed the treaty in the end the dwarves gained independence and the humans a new line of kings.
Item type
Unique Artifact
1.5 pounds
Shrinks to the size of the wearer
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Several bands of copper and gold fused together to create a swirling pattern of the metals, a magically strong ruby and the blood of the first human king.
Anvil, Forge, Hammer, and magical knowledge.

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