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Temptress of the Sea

The Temptress of the Sea is a mythological crystal said to be at the bottom of the ocean. Created by the Eternia, it is said this magical artifact is powerful and valuable beyond reason. It was said, long ago, when The Sea came upon this remarkable creation that predated The Sea itself, it knew that this artifact was too valuable for the likes of mortals. It could not dispel this item to another realm. So instead, The Sea took it upon itself to swallow it up to the furthest depths of the ocean, hiding it within a rare and valuable temple constructed by those who live in The Sea's dominion.   That is the legend, at least. A legend told between sailors and land-dwellers alike, which is the ultimate goal of every sea-fairer who sets upon the waves. It is both a beckoning call and a reminder not to listen. A reminder that the sea is infinitely deep, and will gladly take you as it did the most valuable. It is that which pulls people away from the coast, into the Endless Sea, and it is that same temptation that makes sure those people are never seen again back on land.   Where is the Temptress of the Sea? It is said that it is likely under the lost continent, somewhere in the Endless Sea. There, a grand city under the sea exists where those fair travelers who have the skill to dive to the very depths of beyond can find all that they seek. But there is fair warning given, as many a foolhardy adventurer has traveled out there never to return. And what's more, there is no telling what terrifying beasts of the deep may lurk that far down... Kraken, Leviathan, or something perhaps far worse.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic


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