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This morning star was made using one of the largest Fallen Stars that have been found as the head. Adamantine spikes were added to it with metal webbing by one of the most skilled blacksmiths of all time who managed to do so without marring the Fallen Star. The rod is made from the same metal and the handle is wrapped with leather made from dragon hide.   Like all Fallen Stars, the one used to make Starglow has innate magical capabilities and emits a soft glow. The person wielding it can use it to cast the spell "Moonbeam" twice a day even if they are not a magic user. It feels remarkably light and is more effective in battle than other morning stars.   Legends say that Starglow is actually sentient but only speaks to those it deems worthy and if the time is right it unlocks more powerful abilities. There is no proof of this, however, and the legend was probably created by a fanciful bard who spread it as truth. Some have added to the legend, saying that the entity inside is actually the dragon whose hide was used to create the leather around the handle. Others say that it has been within the Fallen Star all along and that all of the Fallen Stars are actually sentient, and that the stars are conscious beings that look down upon the world at night.   A great deal of stories and hearsay has spawned from Starglow and it is really no wonder as seeing it in person always leaves a strong impression. It is arguably the most valuable item in all of Arbressian and even in other planes beyond. It is also no wonder that it has been stolen a number of times since its creation.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
One of a kind
Base Price
100000 platinum


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