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Fallen Stars

These extremely rare gems are thought to be actual fallen stars, hence the name, that burrow into the earth upon impact.


Material Characteristics

Fallen Stars are irregularly shaped semi-opaque white gems that contain a natural gentle glow in a yellowish hue. They vary in size from being small as rice grains to as large as an average sized head. Their glow sometimes pulsates and temporarily shift in a variety of colours.

Physical & Chemical Properties

There's a gentle warmth to the gems, as if touching the skin of a warm blooded race.   Fallen Stars have notable magical properties. Some can be used to cast specific spells while others offer protection or even detrimental effects. It is impossible to tell which it will be by just looking at them.

Geology & Geography

Most of the gems are found deep down under the surface in mountainous regions while mining for other materials. They are an extremely rare find with only about twenty known finds in Arbressian's history.

History & Usage


There are legends that say that if you wish upon a shooting star and then find the Fallen Star that you wished upon, all of your wishes in life will come true. No record exists of anyone who has succeeded with this, however, and as Fallen Stars have only been found deep within mountains it is extremely unlikely of it ever happening.


The first written down discovery of a Fallen Star was made by a dwarf in the mines of Hilboldir. His name was Hedmor Bristlejaw and his discovery gave him a much more elevated status as the gem had the power to charm people.

Manufacturing & Products

Fallen Stars are used both as decoration and to imbue items such as weapons, armour and jewellery with the gems' innate magic capabilities.
The smallest one has reportedly been sold for as much as 800 000 gold pieces.
There are only twenty known finds in history.


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