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Demonic Armor

Part of a set of thirteen armors these suits not only protect the user but imbue them with the ferocity of a demon and a portion of demonic magic. Each armor is unique in composition as well as the enchantment:  
  • Padded Armor of Silence
  • Leather Armor of Poison
  • Studded leather of Ice
  • Hide Armor of Shadows
  • Chain shirt of Acid
  • Scale mail of the Flame
  • Breastplate of the Earth
  • Half plate of the Sea
  • Ring mail of Blades
  • Chain Mail of Thunder
  • Splint Mail of Terror
  • Plate Armor of the Wind
  • And the Thirteenth Armor

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Each armor has a dial built on some part that is easily accessible to the wearer. The dial has three settings that display a face, as the dial is turned up the face becomes more demonic and angry.   At the first setting the armor is enchanted to protect the user with an insignificant spell like ability depending on which of the thirteen is being used.   At the second setting the armor also grants a minor spell like ability and a slightly better enchantment, the wearer will begin to hear whispers from the armor and must resist against the influences of the demonic voice, should they fail they will be disoriented for a moment as the voice attempts to wrest control of the armor from the wearer.   At the third setting the third setting the armor will grant an major spell like ability and have a significantly better enhancement but the wearer will begin to hear a disembodied voice compelling them. Should the armored bearer surrender to the voice they will lose control as the demonic influence compels them. The demon will increase the enchantment when attacking shared enemies but will also attempt to kill any and all individuals friend and foe alike. The one wearing the armor can fight back and resist but will continue to attack until the dial is lowered.   Should the bearer resist the demonic influence they will be immune to further attempts at coercion until they kill another living being or a few minutes have passed, whichever comes first.   At rare times the demon will be able to influence the wearer even with the dial set to the lowest number. These are times where the user will be given an opportunity to commit a demonic act in return to an immediate reward, one example would be the Chain Mail of Thunder Armor suggesting casting a lighting bolt through some innocent bystanders to chain the bolt into a fleeing foe. Should the armored individual submit to the request the bolt will be empowered.   As the demon grows in power its shards will resonate and grow in its ability to influence whomever is wearing the armor. In times of stress, anger, or fear the armor will be able to influence the wearer for a single action should their willpower fail. This could be as simple as throwing a punch at an aggressive guardsman or as insidious as tripping up an ally as you flee from a larger threat.

Manufacturing process

The armor is made by ritually summoning a demon, anchoring it to this world, and splitting the demon so a portion of its being can be infused into the armor.
Item type
Only thirteen are said to exist

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