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Phaerdi Crystals


Written by Allarah


Little known beyond Phaeus, there was a gem created for the sole purpose of controlling the resident Sazashi by manipulating their driving force. Before the Sazashi uprising, it was a well kept secret by the Kenda and researchers responsible for its creation. Their discovery by the general populace is still a mystery, but since then numerous stories have circulated around the Haimarchy as to their ethicality. In response to the questions and concerns surrounding the gems, Kenda Loraea started a marketing campaign to settle the minds of those not native to Phaeus.
"Yes, I understand, however there is no need for concern. Phaerdi's Crystals are used to help regulate unwanted behavior in all of us. Think of it as a form of self discipline and micromanagement. We are still in the process of fine tuning the gems, but when complete, they will provide a gentle disuation to our bad habits. It is nothing more than a suggestion that the actions we are taking are actions we wish to change or cease entirely. Harmless really."
While the campaign was nothing less than a mild stretch of the truth, it did pacify their planetary neighbors. Azukenda who saw the true potential of Phaerdi's Crystals contacted Azukenda Iselus to purchase these gems in bulk and even began funding their continued development. These Azukenda also maintain the official story that their purpose is self help, making this one of the many widely accepted lies spread throughout Haimarchy space. Despite their relatively low renowned, Phaerdi Crystals are gradually becoming one of Phaeus's largest exports.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The crystal itself works much like a meta sponge, gathering the surrounding meta until it is full. When meta is drawn out, it simply replaces what was taken over time. The recharge time depends on the concentration of the meta around it. Once charged with a spell, the crystal attunes to and helps maintain it, almost to the point where the spell becomes one with the crystal as opposed to simply being stored inside. This makes charging more than one spell on the crystals impossible; they simply shatter.

Manufacturing process

Materials required to make the Phaerdi Crystal are quite straightforward, but often hard to find. First would be the crystal. You want one that has the ability to hold and channel a spell almost indefinitely. The crystal we use grows in large clusters along the ceilings of the meta rich caverns of Phaeus. These caverns can be found branching off of the underwater cave systems along the coast and in larger lakes.
While it is not necessary to use these particular crystals, being that you could feasibly use any rock good enough for enchanting, their use is highly recommended for quality, potency, and longevity of the spell placed within.
The second thing you need is manpower; i.e. a jeweler to cut and shape the crystal properly, and a highly skilled meta engineer. They will need time and an abundance of meta to work with, just like with any enchanting process.
Last is the spell in question. Phaeridi guards the recipe, so to speak, jealously, so replicating its effects will take a significant amount of trial and error. While you may certainly try to replicate the Phaerdi Crystal on your own, the costs associated are sure to be much higher, and the results less guaranteed than simply buying the finished product. Our recommendation is to leave this to the professionals.
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