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The Blood Fire

It was called beautiful, ravishingly so. All eyes who alighted on it were enchanted. It was called dangerous, dripping with dark malice. All hands turned to their weapons in its presence. The gods as one, every spirit of earth, every void dweller that creeps without a name, united to destroy it. Above its grave a great volcano rose, and there it shall lie for all time.
  The Blood Fire has many names. The Creeping Crystal, the Enchantress of the Soul, the First Sin. It was crafted by the hand of Dimitrisi, the great craftsman god, at the behest of Frugi. She desired for herself the most beautiful object ever made. The lust for beauty deep within her soul cost all the Immortal greatly.  

Nature of the Blood Fire

The Blood Fire was a jewel so beautiful it is said mortal eyes would burn out upon seeing it. It shone like Arven, and had the beauty of Onorrodi. Dimitrisi crafted it with all the qualities of the gods, for Frugi - in her envy - wished to possess something that outshone all her kin. The Blood Fire, beautiful and bright, held also the madness of Urali and the cunning of Drewel. It held the strengths of war, time, earth, sky and air, and every other element of which the gods have taken a claim.   The Blood Fire was a jewel, inanimate and silent, but it was also a creation of great evil. It became twisted, for it saw itself as better than all the gods whom it imitated. It saw the gods, and it declared itself better and greater. And so it sought to end the gods. With cunning turned to this cruel ends, it twisted the gods into madness. They fought among themselves, ravaging realms and temples. Setting mortals against mortals. Leaving great holes in the sky. The Immortal are not a kind race, and in the Blood Fire's twisted game all their great malice was expelled upon the world.   Many spirits and gods fell in those days, destroyed by their kin. The Blood Fire danced with its victory. But in time, the gods saw its manipulation. It is said that Urali led the gods to destroy the jewel, for madness sees its own kind most clearly, and he had glimpsed the madness of the jewel.   Fury rained upon the realms of Frugi where the jewel dwelt. The fury of every god. They twisted great fire storms, and formed great winds to buffet. Manipulating dream and reality against their foe. The gods were joined by all their kind, for each and every immortal saw their doom if the Jewel's madness was not broken. Creatures which have never since crept from the corners of the universe granted their strength, and the Jewel was shattered, and the realm of Frugi with it.   The shards were buried upon Macalgra, in the deep core, and bound in magic and cold steel. Above the jewel Raya raised a great volcano. And so the Jewel, the most precious and evil of all creations upon Macalgra, was destroyed.
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Jul 28, 2018 22:11

A sentient jewel so arrogant that it turned against its creators. I don't think I've seen that before. I like it.

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I like the idea of madness recognizing madness the best, this is a great article and a wonderful idea! Keep up the good work!

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Madness ? What's madness ? Nah, it's not a state of mind. It's an immortal sentient jewel in Macalgra. Have you thought talking a bit more of working on the sidebar ? That could have been interesting to have more information if similar jewels exist, or simply have dem STATS.

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"Nothing great has been accomplished in the world without passion" -- G.W.F. Hegel