The term Immortal can be properly applied to any undying creature - including Familiars and Dragons. Many people use it in this way but it once meant only the ancient and undying spirits who left the void at the beginning of time. There are many class of Immortal, each different in nature, but related by descent or origin.

Some, such as the Divines, are Immortals who have importance to mortals or reality, proclaiming themselves gods of a sort. Other immortals are nothing more than a restless chaos, energy ever changing, with a ever shifting personal identity.


The source of most Immortals is The Void, the endless void of chaos where all originates, though others have been created by their fellow Immortals, or formed out of the energy of the universe over time. No matter their origin, upon emerging Immortals are little more than a great conglomerate of power with no purpose or physical form, ever shifting as their energy changes.   Many over time have acquired a permanent nature, their minds developing out of the chaos of their birth.



    The Primordials are the most ancient of Immortals, who emerged with an inherent nature. The only known Primordial is Guamata, the darkness at the beginning and end of time.


    The Divine are Immortals who have taken upon an aspect of reality as their chosen focus, becoming Gods. They are the most involved in the mortal world, and the first of the Divines were the creators of Macalgra. These early gods are often called the Archaic Divines, a mere classification of age. Below the Archaic Divines are a number of classes based on their parentage, chosen aspects, and power. Despite their nature as the gods of the world, they are not necessary for the operation of their aspect, nor are they usually worshipped by mortals, and many despise the world.


    Lesser Immortals are often Familiars; spirits whose focus is mortals, in one way or another. Familiars are bound to both reality and a person by a contract, allowing a mortal to access their magic in return for existence upon the physical plane. Some Familiars are the children of Divines, and the most powerful Familiars eventually ascend to the status of a Divine.


    Many mortals argue for the classification of Behemoth for two individuals in particular; the Serpent of the Moon, and the Nameless First Dragon. These creatures are normally considered Divines, but they have always held physical form and are not pure energy like their fellows.


    Formless Immortals have no focus; they are nothing more than a shifting mass of pure energy, sapient only in a rudimentary manner. Many never achieve the coherence needed to even choose to focus themselves into a true living being, and so exist only as a violent mass. These creatures regularly emerge from the Void, causing chaos if they come into contact with mortals.


    The Shelgoth are lesser Immortals who consumed by hatred, who seek to leech off the souls of mortals to empower themselves. They primarily dwell upon Macalgra, where they often take the forms of the nightmares of mortals, feeding upon the leaked psychic echoes of their fear.


    Dragons are the children of the Nameless First Dragon, immortal in a manner but the least powerful of Immortals as they are bound to physical form and can be easily destroyed. They hold souls like mortals, but these are not reincarnated like mortals, as the soul forcibly creates a new body for itself. Their nature is therefore in flux between the two, causing their classification to be a contentious issue.


    The Feos are the stars of Macalgra, and the servants of Ramio, created for him by Dimitrisi. They have physical form of silver metal, but immortal souls like the gods, each shaped by Ramio. Mortals looking up from Macalgra see their halls as the stars.
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