The Never-Was and Always Will Be, Urali (a.k.a. The Mad God)

The waters of the lake rose upwards in a rain that had been left confused by its intention, defying gravity as every drop peeled away from the surface and flew towards the clouds. On a golden boat that drifted through the air like it was the ocean, he sat perched on a throne of silver. Dressed to the height of a fashion a hundred years out of date, his hair pinned in a ponytail with a diamond the size of a fist.

I stepped back as his boat drifted to a stop on the grass and he rose from that strange throne. "A visitor! How exciting . . . " He fanned himself with a bright pink feather, peeking through the fluff. His face was androgynous and seemingly carved from marble, with sharp cheekbones carved out. His voice singsong as he stepped down an invisible staircase onto the grass. "What can I do for you mortal? Do you seek inspiration, love or candy?"
  Urali, The Never-Was and Always Will Be, the Divine of Madness and Nightmares; a Watching God who entered the world from the Abyss in the Age of Corruption, taking the aspect of madness. Patron of the insane, the manic and the strange, herdsman of the Shelgoth, gifter of nightmares, and ruler of The Dream.   In his role as creator of The Dream, Urali is one of the most powerful of the Watching Gods and one of the most important to mortals. Without his influence, humans would not dream and the astral plane would not exist. Intense theological debate exists as to why he created The Dream; some prescribe him malevolent intentions, others benevolent, and many contend he is neither.   He is consort of Shyeaw, Divine of Rain.  


The worship of Urali is common among magical scholars, poets, writers, artists and other creatives - for his madness is a great muse. Shrines are rarely formal, and there is no organised worship of Urali as such. He is followed by the Order of the High and Distinguished God.  


Prayer to the Mad God is nigh pointless. He will only answer upon whim, and his visitations are fleeting and dangerous. Those who meet him are oft filled with strange fantasies of world's beyond our own, madness and a drive to create. He is a muse and a nightmare.   Should one insist on trying to summon him, they should take a pinch of sulphur and burn it in the flame of a black candle, while you speak his name backwards eight times.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Watching God


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