Raya, Divine of Fire, volcanos, earthquakes and heat. The flame in the earth is a passionate goddess, whose rage splits the earth, and whose passion births the forest fire and the great volcano.  


Raya was a child of a forbidden love, between the dragon Samastia and the Divine Samapkar. Samapkar had once had a great love, the creator Divine Frugi but they grew apart over the eons. Frugi became cruel and bitter, and the love between them blackened and charred. Samapkar was loyal for endless thousands of years, but in time she began to wonder what love would feel like again.   She spent much of her time apart from Frugi, avoiding her anger and her schemes. It was during this time she wandered to the dragon city of Sarirpala and she met the great red dragon Samastia. They were just friends for a time, but two immortals have plenty of time to become more than friends.   It was of little surprise to many when they had a child. This child was Raya. For her infidelity, Frugi punished Samapkar, imprisoning her, and so it was Raya was raised among dragonkind. It was so that, later in her life, she chose fire and volcanos as her realm, for one day she will break her mother free.  


Raya is primarily worshiped among the dragons, and small communities who live near volcanos, who have many names for her, and sometimes simply identify their own gods with her. She is symbolised by a flame, a volcano or a cracked stone.  
To summon Raya, remove all flammable materials from your vicinity. Preferably prepare a space outside, with no vegetation. Make a small fire with wood that fell naturally from its tree. Then speak your desire, and sprinkle cleansed water and ground Vis into the flames. If she so desires, Raya shall come to your call in a pillar of flame.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Generally female. Sometimes fluid.
Divine Classification
Divine, Goddess of Fire


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