Hadan's Guide to Summoning

The Divine are as strange as they are numerous. To list them all would require more pages than have been printed, and it is prideful to think mortals truly know the names of more than a handful of their number. Some interfere with the realm of mortals for amusement, a scant few operate regularly within our plane, and yet others are known only because of their children. It is well advised to tread carefully where the Divine are concerned.

It is all very well and good to summon a Divine, but to do so is ill advised. For they are beyond the power of even the greatest mortal mage, and one always risks their ire. I present this information here primarily for the hope of preventing quite so many ill advised and fatally erroneous summoning being undertaken.
— Foreword
  Hadan's Guide to Summoning, first published in 1889 YSB and written by Hadan Amargio is the most popular and comprehensive guide to the summoning of the Divine and Familiar of Macalgra. It was penned by Hadan after an alleged forty years of research and has been reprinted in over seventy editions in the centuries since its first publication.   The guide remains one of the Great Canon of Sura, the most important books written in the Sura Empire - alongside such works as The Travels of Yarius Antoni and Hethium's Guide to the Divine.
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