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There are far darker things than Drewel, but few are as insistently annoying as her.
Hethium's Guide to the Divine
  Drewel is the Divine of Mischief, aspect of trickery, disobedience and rebellion. One of the Archaic Divines, an elder among the gods, Drewel may be found throughout human history. Spreading discord in crucial mounts of history. Drewel's children are numerous, forming much of the ranks of both Divine and Familiar.   Her most notable achievement is ultimately being responsible for humanity. In the early days of Macalgra, she created the first mortals to spoil Frugi's paradise. When Frugi destroyed them in a fit of rage, it emerged than Drewel had unwittingly created the first mortal souls. Humans were then made to foster souls, and grow them into weapons for the eventual war at the end of time.  


Drewel's chosen form is an absence of all notability. She is an ancient crone with a softly rasping voice. Innocuous, and in that very nature terrifying. Every mortal's image of a harmless old, never the same for each person to look upon her. A beggar, a priestess, a grandmother. Once one knows who is before them, the conflict of her true nature already known to them and her appearance shakes mortals.
Divine Symbol
A noose
Divine Domain
Trickery, mischief and disobedience
Divine Classification
Divine, Archaic


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