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The Anvil God

The anvils of the Mount Realm never cease to thunder. In their midst he works tirelessly, crafting strange and wonderful inventions. Birds that fly on bronze wings and are wound with keys, iron titans propelled by magic, swords that speak. It is said many of his greatest ideas were shaped for his consort, the Quill Holder Jaynet. Among the mountains one finds Dimitrisi, Divine of Invention.  

The Meeting

The story goes, as it is told by the priests of the Anvil God in Bakieh, that in an time when humanity was young the two met upon a riverbank, each watching the lives of the people of a small town. She had seen a young man reciting poetry and descended to hear his words. He had seen a young woman carving a obsidian tipped spear, and descended to see her work.   The two were surprised so much by the meeting that each forgot their visits purpose. Each of them returned again the next day to hear the poetry and see the craftsmanship. They again arrived on the riverbank, and each was surprised to see the other.   Jaynet bid that the World Lord come hear the poetry, and he acquiesced. He listened, and she spoke of the meanings, and then he bid her to come see the smith. He explained the care with which the wood was carved, and showed her the beauty.   In the days that passed, the two of them visited the small village often. Sometimes, they appeared as mortals. Dimitris would teach the woman new crafts while Jaynet coached the young man. In their shared love of teaching these fragile mortals, they grew close.   The village prospered under their teaching. The smithy grew prosperous, for it was with the guidance of the Inventor God that she invented iron tools, with which the fields were tilled with speed never seen before and the beasts of the night cut down, and that man united the people with the skill of his words, so that with inspired fervor they worked until their village became a great town.   The two gods in time decided their work was done, and it was then that Dimitrisi took Jaynet's hand and told her of the love that had developed. He asked her to join him in a new realm made for them both, and she agreed with a smile. So it was that the Mount Realm became.  

His Realm

The Mount Realm rises in hills and mountains on a disc, a great lake set in the central most valley. On the shores of this lake rises a palace of bronze, copper and gold where live the two gods. Clockworks of his creation fill the halls of this palace; beautiful birds wound by keys that sing lullabies, and great soldiers that guard doors of iron. There are libraries where every book written by mortals are catalogued by an ancient mechanical librarian, and on a small inlet a marble theater is carved into the hills where the clockworks gather to hear the strings of Jaynet's music.  


Prayers to Dimitrisi are rarely formal. It is believed by many that prayers in poetic meter may be more likely to be accepted - possibly because Jaynet would notice and drag him away from whatever work he is doing. Summoning is generally safe, and at worst he may ignore your plea, unlike other Divines

To summon the Anvil God one should take a tankard of oil, a feather of purest white, and a small golden ring and lay them within a circle of the ash of burnt cypress. Speak his name and then the words of your plea, translated into Old Senetti, should be spoken.
— Hadan's Guide to Summoning

Divine Domains

The aspect of Dimitris is invention, and through mortal history that has changed much. Once, he taught mortals how to make simple swords. Now, the wonders he shapes are yet beyond mortal comprehension. Mortals may pray for him before building a new home, forging a sword, beginning a scientific study, and much more.
Divine Classification
Watchful God


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