Lyvona's blade

Lyvona's blade was the first sword made with motril after the ore was discovered. The blacksmith who forged the weapon was the most skilled smith on the island yet, as he began to form the blade using the standard means he kept making amateur mistakes. It was only when he built a giant bonfire on the beach and forged it under the open sky, where the Divine Beings could watch him, using the ocean water to cool the blade that he was able to complete the sword. Even then, he felt as though something or someone else was guiding his hands as he made and then decorated the blade. When finished, the smith had made a sword that was three feet long, incredibly sharp, and weighing the same amount as a knife.   This blade has yet to be wielded by anyone as after it was forged, the Temple of the Moon had it placed within the hand of the statue of Lyvona in the main floor of the temple. Despite not being sharpened since its creation, the blade has not lost its edge, cutting many a carless acolyte or worshiper. Many have wondered if it wouldn't be put to better use in the hands of one of the temple's assassins but, all agree that when gazing upon the blade they get a sense that the time it will need to be used has yet to pass.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

No one is quite sure how or why the blade continues to maintain its sharp edge though most believe it is because Lyvona wants it to remain ready for use at any time. Thew motril that makes up the blade is the reason it is so lightweight and the alloy created from the combined motril and steel is the reason the blade is so durable. The designs engraved on the blade and the hilt, like much of the construction of the sword, were made by Lyvona or one of the other divine beings guiding the blacksmith's hands. The few people who handled the blade during transportation to the temple reported that regardless of the size of their hands the blade's grip fit perfectly in their dominant hand.

Manufacturing process

The motril ingots and steel ingots need to be melted down. Once the metal starts glowing white, its ready to be forged by hammering the hot metal, using water to cool down the blade and reheating it multiple times until the blade and handle are in their final forms, at which time the smith etches the design on to the sword's edge and handle.


Culturally significant as this was the first blade made using motril and the blacksmith's hands were guided by the divine beings.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Owning Organization
2.5 lbs
36 in.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Steel allow combined with Motril makes up the blade and hilt.
Anvil, forge, smith's tongs, smith's hammers, chisels, smith's punch.
Related Materials
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