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Aœduvai Saddle

The Aœduvai saddle is quite possibly the most outrageously expensive saddle ever produced, and absolutely the most expensive artifact I have examined in my research. Relic of a time of great opulence, Mâhirau̯ was coming out of a very successful and lucrative war with their southern neighbors. Mâhirau̯n elite felt like they were at the top of the world, and no piece displays that quite as clearly as this saddle.
— Local historian
Produced in 437 AD for the noble Dœm Huldâ, the Aœduvai̯ saddle is widely known as the most expensive saddle ever produced.
The saddle was created for Huldâ's 25th birthday along with his new Ulai̯fai̯vi bird, itself a high end breed worth a normal Birdkin's yearly pay.
  The saddle is carved out of solid fallen harukoumu lumber, and the rest is made of the leather of a local monster with very soft leather. The wood, already tough to cut, was then carved intricately. The carving alone took 6 years, and inlaid in some of the carving are jewels, primarily mother of pearl and emeralds. After the carving and assembly was done, enchanters from the mainland were brought in to enchant it with what boils down to air conditioning and water proofing.
  Along with the saddle, a bridle and stirrups were created to equal expense.
  The saddle is carved with intricate patterns, foliage and birds among them. The jewels are placed as the flowers and, in one case, the eye of a bird.
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