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Harukoumu Lumber

Greatest resource of the Mâhirau̯ Nation, harukou̯mu lumber is the cut timber of harukou̯mu trees.


Material Characteristics

Harukou̯mu is a hardwood, with a medium beige color to it. There are few knots in the grain, leading to a smooth look to the lumber.

Geology & Geography

As with the trees it is harvested from, harukou̯mu timber can only be found on Lemikkâgi Island.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Generally used in crafting weapons, or shields. Swords are flexible despite the density and very sharp. Staves made from harukou̯mu lumber are top tier for channeling magic through. The particularly rich may also use it in furniture, to show off their wealth.
The most common usage by the everyday populous is in the creation of urijœnech, an artifact created to represent the transition from childhood to adult life. The maker carves it in the shape of tool used in the path they wish to follow.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Part of the reason its trade is so limited is due to the fact that Mâhirau̯n Birdkin find the tree so significant. It is for the best that they haven't cut down more, but if there wasn't a stigma against it, older trees would be cut down for use as well.


Harukou̯mu can be found in two states: fresh and fallen. Fresh harukou̯mu timber usually are from trees less than a century old and were recently cut down. This wood is less durable, but cheaper to process. Normal processing is good enough for them. Trees older than that can be harvested from, but society tends to look down upon that. If a tree manages to live that long, then let it see its life to the end.
Fallen harukou̯mu is the real luxury. Only wood from trees that lived at least a thousand years and fell naturally count. Typically, only trees even older than that are used for the real high quality goods. However, harvesting fallen harukou̯mu is tough task. At this point its density is unnatural tough, more a rock than a tree. To harvest it alone require specialized techniques, let alone carving the timber into shape. All of these techniques are hoarded by the Mâhirau̯ government, and no one else knows how to do it.
Thus, finished fallen timber is an very expensive luxury. But also, the finest for wooden weapons and staves.


Trade & Market

Mostly only in the hands of higher ranked or rich Birdkin of Mâhirau̯ Nation. Some lumber makes it outside each harvest, but only enough for a few pieces. This lumber is generally in the criminal underground's hands, the Guild's, or the Academia.


It needs to stored in a dry location. While the lumber can be stored in any reasonable temperature, frequent fluctuation in temperature can make the wood more fragile. This is, in fact, one of the only ways to destroy properly cured harukoumu lumber
Medium beige
Very high
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