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The Indicated Dignitary

The Illusive Delegate is an item of great importance to the cause of humanity, but its details cannot be divulged until the labor of its construction is brought to full completion. For greatest possible safety of the effort, all are cautioned to bank their curiosity and discuss not at all the few details which have been divulged. Know that all will be aware soon ere it be implemented, and the North will hold less terror at long last.
— Sub-Par Pierre, when nailed down on the subject at Quarrytowne.
  The Ideal Doctor is a secret undertaking of the unprecedented alliance of all the major ARSEs of the Crotch, and whose nature and details are only guessed. Certain data are collected here which build up the impression of some major arcane and material opus of unparalleled complexity and expense. The cost of the project is not well-concealed, as bursar's records of tuition and school expenditure reports are not kept private. A little pencil-whipping has been attempted, but the jig was up when the overly-zealous scribe listed a ton of gold being put toward "Indigo Dye".   Data associated with the the Illustrative Dictator:
  • Feivo Toodee, materials science expert at Sutyr's Arcane Emporium, listed a requisition of ten tons of high-purity iron, a few hundred pounds of vanadium, and alarming quantities of a few other rare metals. The mere logistics of filling such an order made its concealment completely impractical. One of Feivo's students reported that Feivo had been experimenting with vanadium as a strengthening alloyant to low-carbon steels, but that his research had only just concluded and a large-scale project would be uncharacteristically premature without further static creep testing.
  • Fine Gregory received a research grant. This just doesn't happen. The details were vague, but knowing Greg, people guess it has to do with daemon technology and/or Force effects.
  • Gresham Mardigrass and Yorrik Alaspor of Thatchhome have returned again to their rather noisy and conspicuous mass smelting complex in the hills south of town. This task they only undertake when highly pure substances need be factored, and their renewed collaboration falls in time to be the response to Feivo's requisition.
  • Adequate Kelly at Stucco has been receiving shipments of greengold. No documents have been sited, but a few students have spotted the conspicuous insulative cases moving through her labs for a few months.
  • Sub-Par Pierre has been travelling almost continuously for the last two years, only stopping off at his offices in Thatchhome for a week at a time. This is an uncharacteristic risk for the conservative little doctor, and many of his correspondents are worried for his health.
  • "Sane" Potnutscrack was observed by a group of travelling merchants to chase them shouting when they passed his mail drop chest. He was evidently trying to send mail, but his box has been so overgrown over the decades of disuse that it was obscured from the road.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Unknown. Probably magic, but everything's explained that way.

Manufacturing process

The project has been farmed out to at least six arcane research enterprises, with suspected collaboration from the Eastern Seniarchy and the Hegemon of Rhaul. This is big, whatever it is. There's a lot of money and head-time going into this.


Enormous, judging by the level of cooperation between arcane competitors.
Item type
Related Technologies
Whatever it is, there's probably almost one at this time.
At least ten tons.
Base Price
On the order of fifteen tons gold or 1.5 million gp.
Raw materials & Components
At least ten tons of high strength, low-alloy steel of incredibly high grade. Probably a few dozen pounds greengold will be involved.

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