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The Veil of the Golden Pass

He knew from the moment he laid eyes upon it that he was going to steal it, it had to be his, it called to him, begged him to claim it. Now, resting on a tall dais in front of him, he reached out, the sound of guard reinforcements closing in behind him. His fingers closed around the delicate golden mask. And then a flash, thousands of memories of past possessors of the veil surging through his mind impossible to comprehend. Then a vision of a woman, as real as if it were truly in front of him, standing, working at a forge, hammering down on folds of cooling steel. She slowly stops, lowering her hammer and turns towards him, she smiles, quiet and strong, and says, "It's time, bring me back my Veil."   Then in an instant, he is back to his senses, The Veil of the Golden Pass gripped tightly in his fingers. "Come on! It's time to go Knox!" screamed Valdir fending off an approaching guard. "Shit, yeah let's get the hell out of here," Knox replied, snapping back to attention. "Less chit chat boys!" Lacey yelled beckoning towards the secret tunnel they had used to break into the museum. The crew sprinted down the long forgotten hall and back onto the alleyways of Roseport, disappearing into the darkness of night.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Stories tell of the power of The Veil of the Golden Pass, it is said that it has the ability to lead any who are worthy of it towards the Golden Pass. A gateway that some believe leads into the realm of the gods, a beautiful place of shifting energies and immortal life. In truth, as far as anyone knows nobody has completed this feat. But hundreds of stories exist of those that have claimed the veil and been deemed unworthy. Hungry goblins fighting over the shiny treasure, knights claiming it as their holy birthrights, conquerors stealing it as spoils of war. All turning to burnt ash upon donning the veil.


The Veil of the Golden Pass is a magical item said to have been forged by the goddess Eeavarin. No one is sure exactly when it appeared in the world but it has been spoken of in stories and myths for hundreds of years. Several decades ago, however, an item purported to be the real veil was sold from a private collector to the King of Heldrin. From there it stayed in the royal families private collection until it was loaned out to showcased across the country of Heldrin. While being displayed in Roseport it would be stolen by a group of thieves, it has not been seen since.   The veil has a divine significance to it, representing the power and elegance of the gods. May have described the veil having an irresistible allure as if whispering directly to one's deepest desires. Many stories have been told of battles being fought over the veil going back several hundred years. No one knows exactly why the item is so powerful in its ability to charm those around it. One theory states that when forging the veil Eeavarin took part of her essence and hammered it directly into the golden mask.
Item type
Unique Artifact
One of a kind
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