Tuumon Kova

Tuumon Kova are enormous black pillars of an unknown material and mysterious origin. They've been around for longer than any could tell, being depicted in the illustrations of peoples from before the @ruined world. The Tuumon Kova are scattered throughout the world, without any consistency or symmetry of where they were located. They all have the exact same dimensions, but each one has unique markings on them. Some are wrapped up in chains.
  Engravings and embossed molds depicting abstractions of alien artifacts or runes of ancient, unknown languages adorn all Tuumon Kova. Each Tuumon Kova have different designs and runes completely dissimilar to each other. Not even anything left in the ruined world have any resemblance to what's depicted on the Tuumon Kova. The runes on them are indecipherable and unrelated to any known language alive or dead.
  The material of the Tuumon Kova is like nothing else observed in the world. It has the appearance of iron, but has nearly no friction when touched. The most confounding aspect of the Tuumon Kova is that they are unable to be moved, passed through, or affected in anyway whatsoever. They have set positions throughout the world and will not move from them.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Other than their immovable nature, not much else is known about them.


Tuumon Kova are valued by people of science and faith alike. Each Tuumon Kova discovered has the potential of cracking the code of what they are or to their purpose. So, any new discoveries carry high import and are valued accordingly high. Many cultures revere the objects as well, some believing them to be of divine creation. No one truly knows where they came from or who made them. More and more are found all the time; in the ocean depths, high in the layer of mur above the sky (see Climate & Weather), nestled within a giant stone, anywhere.

50 meters in height, 30 in width, and 3 in depth
Raw materials & Components
Scientists have tried linking them to the black substance of the Alder K-kep. Though both substances have many strange and unreasonable properties, they are not of the same substance.


Author's Notes

They are doorways to other dimensions.

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