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Book of the Sun

Men have always yearned for the endless life granted to the Fae, but failing that, they have sought, bled, and slain for the knowledge of the future. Some with noble-hearts for the betterment for others and the betterment of their society. Others, less so, and they sought the knowledge to gain the advantage over their rivals. But for all these, in the earliest of days, was written the Book of the Sun. A full chronicle of all events to have happened and all events that will happen. To read that book, according to legend, would be to have the knowledge of the Lynur himself. Man would become a god.
A Treatise on Laeonessai Mythology, penned by Aemilius, scribe to Lord-Regent Laelius in the Third Year of the Conquest of Laeonesse

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is a book, written of ink that never fades on parchment that never degrades, and bound in leather that never cracks.

Manufacturing process

It is said that Lynur first wrote the book after he harped the world into existence. As the world solidified around the notes of his song, and he saw his handiwork with satisfaction, he set down the harp and took up the pen, and breathing out the form of the book, he listened to the song that echoed around him. Guided by its themes, Lynur penned all of what would happen in the world, down to the lives of every individual. In such a way, he ensured that the doom pronounced in his song would come to fruition. To write something is to make it a permanent and guaranteed event, and it is for that reason that the Laeonessai do not write down their language, save for the most sacred vows or most horrific curses, which are written in the language of the runes known only to the The Druids. They are warders of these and use their knowledge of Awen and its Nature and its interaction with the land itself to prevent reckless writings from harming the nature of the world.


Item type
Book / Document
85 pounds
Two feet by three feet
Base Price


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