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Argeith Limited Reserve

"Argeith Limited Reserve, only one case is made every year and sold to the patrons of the factory. It's considered the best thing the distillery turns out - for some reason."
— Foreman Alan Garryck, Argeith Distillery
The Argeith Distillery produces a number of alcoholic spirits, including three different styles of whiskey in various forms. But the Limited Reserve is special for the exclusivity of it. During the course of the year, one finished batch is selected to be the highest quality of spirits produced at the facility. After being selected, great care is taken to bottle and seal it. Once this is done, a bidding process begins which is open to any individual in the Virginia Shire region of the Lyran Commonwealth who wishes to bid. The highest thirty bids are selected to purchase the product, and they are dispatched via special courier ship while the thirty-first bottle is sent to the Archon themselves and the thirty-second bottle delivered to the Duke of Skye with the annual taxes.

As there are three different types of whiskey produced by the Argeith Distillery, each one receives its own Limited Reserve process. Because of this exclusive process and a few selective endorsements (including, at one point, members of the infamous mercenary outfits of the Kell Hounds and Wolf's Dragoons) it is considered prestigious to have a bottle of Argeith Limited Reserve from specific years of importance. It should be noted this is not necessarily including actually drinking the bottle's contents, or having a bottle which has been left undisturbed. A few individuals have kept the empty bottle to prove they bid high enough to be selected.


The Argeith Distillery auctions off each bottle individually to various bidders throughout the Virginia Shire region of the Inner Sphere, sometimes commanding six figures of C-Bills in value. This money is invested back into the business by way of dividing half the total sales of the Limited Reserve as an end-of-year bonus to all employees, and using the other half to fund upgrades and maintenance of the facility.

As such it has become a rather prestigious event for a shift's batch to be selected to become the Limited Reserve.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Extremely Rare

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