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In the distant future of the 31st century mankind has gone to the stars, and taken war with them. Four centuries ago, the pinnacle of civilization was said to exist in the Star League. Technology the like of which has not been seen since, and a stability and peace which allowed people to live quietly. In those days, multi-story tall machines of war were created to be both a show of this technological sophistication and something to look on in awe. That was the dawn of the BattleMech, kings of the battlefield, and ever since these machines have been the centerpiece of armies.

Welcome to the Inner Sphere, the bulk of populated systems in the galaxy, has long since been divided up among five Great Houses. These so-called "Successor States" rose in the wake of the Star League to control vast territories, and have long been fighting against each other. It started off as ruthless, destructive conflicts which quickly moved the technological sophistication of the Inner Sphere backwards. After that, there was a quiet tacit agreement among the Successor States to avoid that again, but the damage had already been done. So much technology was lost; either the means to make it is no longer possible, or sometimes even the knowledge of how it was made is gone.

The year is 3030. The Fourth Succession War has ended, not due to any decisive victory but due to everyone becoming less than willing to continue fighting. Two of the Successor States have joined in an alliance, sealed through the marriage of Prince Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner. The other three warily watch, nervous of the potential power the newly created Federated Commonwealth can throw around. While the war has a cease fire to it and there is no longer a declared war, that does not mean the fighting has stopped.

The planet known as White Reach is an unassuming system in the Federated Commonwealth near the border of the Draconis Combine. It is here a rumor has brought many seeking secrets thought to be buried under the surface, with war machines and an eagerness to be the first to claim them. It is here where those secrets threaten the stability of this region of space, containing the potential to start a mess no one can afford to clean up right now.

This is where some find their fortune, and others find their final resting place.  


"The White Reach Campaign" is a campaign played using a slightly modified version of the BattleTech game system. What you are reading on this site is a reference to events, characters, and the campaign as it happens. Myself and other players involved in the campaign have been keeping notes and records, and I present to you (with permission of the other players) the record and details as things have developed over two years. As such, there are two distinct divisions of content here.

First there is the campaign material itself, which is going to take the format of entries about the battles and campaign rounds as they happen. For those of you who do not play BattleTech on the tabletop, there will naturally be some things which are not fully explained and depend on at least a simple understanding of the rules and design of the game. Full reproduction of the rules and system will not be done, but there has been a not-insubstantial amount of tinkering done to the rules-as-written.

And second, there is fiction which has been created by myself with assistance in editing from a few other people. This is offered with minimal further editing, for entertainment purposes only. The bulk of fiction follows the exploits of two mercenary groups: Priam Company and the Harbingers. There are also several smaller pieces of fiction which have been written which focus on supporting cast or are offered up as fan-fiction which I have written based within the BattleTech universe.

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  • Map of White Reach - Campaign Map

    This is a map of the planetary surface as plotted out on the standard grid paper provided in "Campaign Operations" by Catalyst Game Labs.