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Legacy Headstone

The Quintessence Legacy, as it is formally named, or more common to be called Legacy Headstone, or Imprint Crystal or Legacy Stone, or Legacy Crystal all are the same thing. It is something that happed as an accident. In the treating of a body for cremation, the technician practices his telekinesis and attempted the removal of Jolt Sap from a body at time of death. It has in the beginning some Taboo in removing it, but when it was further studied it was discovered that the crystal contained an imprint of the person, they place it on a imaging-station and a hologram appeared, allowing for the person's imprint to become interactive, able to talk and speak of their past, up to the moment of their death.

It was not fully accepted until the Sacrifice of Life, then it become acceptable as it allowed for the ones who chose death for the survival of the whole, were at least an echo of their presence in the families lives after their death. It also become a gift to the Gaia Repository at Alexandra, where the Legacy Headstone were housed and allowed students, historians all able to talk to the figures of the past, ancestors or who have become heroes or renowned figures to the society.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This is made from the Jolt Sap and it is removed within the first XX hours of death. It was found it can be pulled out in small disc that contains an imprint of the person. It is interactive, it contains the memories and knowledges they had in their life.

Manufacturing process

The legacy headstone has to be made with in a specific time else it starts to break down in the body as it decomposes.


Cultural and Personal

The personal side, is that a parent dies due to unforeseen or accidental, or early death they can become a keepsake for the child or children to know and remember their parent.

The cultural side they are memories of times that have passed, a real and interactive means of learning about the past, the true past at least from the persons point of view, which all know is subjective.

Item type
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Owning Organization
Base Price
Raw materials & Components

Jolt Sap, the liquid Panakeia Gel, which is binds the Jolt Sap and allows it be accepted by the body of the person, and it is the binding agent in the Legacy Headstone.


A telekinetic able to work at a micro level, and who has the medical knowledge to draw the Jolt and gel together into a disc and then teleport it out of the body.

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