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The Deep Drum

Said variously to be, contain, have been made from, or otherwise be related to the Heart Unceasing, the Deep Drum is a kharo drum writ exceptionally large, the true nature of which is hidden behind a barrier of silver which adorns every part of it—even the membrane, upon which the silver ripples like water. It can, nevertheless, be played, and held a central role in the most important religious ceremonies of the Empire of the Sea. It was built for precisely that purpose by one of the first Andokh Renar, who was said to have been instructed in doing so by the Heart itself. Its location is known—the ruined Temple of the Heart on the island of Lo Dokh, but it has proven far too large and heavy to actually move, even if efforts to do so did not need to contend with Lo Dokh's aggressive flora and fauna
— from Treasures of the Known World, by Dolobaros Kaltoron


The Deep Drum is an artefact of great significance to the Dokhar religion, being widely believed to possess some connection to to the primary entity worshiped by that faith—the Heart Unceasing, origin of the tides—in addition to being intimately conneced to the foundations of the practices of the Andokh Renar, and to the Empire of the Sea.

Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Current Location
Temple of the Heart
Subtype / Model
Empire of the Sea
~1300 kg
7 m wide at top, 2 m deep
Raw materials & Components
What is visible of the Deep Drum consists largely of silver, with a number of precisely cut sapphires arranged around it to form specific scenes. The nature of the interior of the Deep Drum is unknown.

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