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Crowns of Kirboldir

Three crowns are considered the greatest treasure of Kirboldir. Each of them once belonging to the three hill dwarf kings that ruled over Kirboldir. A gold crown for Ugum Highboot, silver for Duhn and bronze for Tholdir. When Kirboldir was destroyed by the dwarves from the mountains in an act of retaliation, the three crowns were scattered and hidden away, except for the bronze one: that one was never recovered after the conflict. The two crowns that were found are supposedly scattered across the planes, making them very hard to locate, let alone unite.   While the material value of the crowns, although great, isn't that impressive they are considered very valuable because of the many myths and stories that surround these mythical items. Popular hill dwarf belief has it that Kirboldir will rise again once all the crowns are reunited, thus many dwarves have set off searching for them. According to some, the spirits of the deceased kings are locked inside the crowns and can only be put to rest when they are reunited once more. - Kirboldir, A. Razortongue


The crowns are of great cultural and personal significance for many hill dwarves, as they are the symbols of power once worn by their kings. To none hill dwarfs, the crowns hold a great historical value. Uniting these lost crowns is supposed to put the souls of the kings to rest and would allow for the rebirth of Kirboldir, the grand city founded by King Ugum Highboot and his hill dwarves.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Related ethnicities
1kg per crown
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
gold, silver, bronze, gemstones

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