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The great staff of gren

The greatest item is the staff of gren this staff contains lots of magic. people think that there are no limits to magic Anymore. There is a lot people do not know all the power that is in the staff except for the ones who have wield it. Only three people have wield the staff there is first the wizard gren the next is ferin the son of gren and then the last person to wield it was jef he saw a vision but shortly after before he told any one he died. Now they think that there is a curse that any one not from the line of gren will die if they hold the staff. Gren was a powerfull wizard some people believe that his spirit is in the staff. The staff of gren consists of a multi gem dragon scale and a long wooden stick.when gen was alive the staff parted waters it breathed fire, water, earth and lightning. It was a amazing site to look at it but people never really have seen it. Now the story of gren and his amazing staff is just a legend. It is located in a safe place in the land of beasts. It is guarded by the best two dragons the best beasts and the best human gaurds to protect it whith there lives. The staff is also called the great artifact and the greatest staff. People come to see the staff at his death day they bring the staff out and they march to the place where his reasting place is and lots of people came to this ceremony. Even dragons, beasts, and serpents come to this ceremony. At the time of the ceremony there are ton of people reaserving places to be at this ceremony time and around thais time.a
One of a kind
Ten pounds

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