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Stone of True-Seeing

The Stone of True-Seeing is an object of immense power that can be used to observe actions, moments and events that are happening in the world of Ulskandar, as if the wielder were standing in the midst of the action. When asked a question about a past, present or future event, the Stone of True Seeing will give as good a view of the event as possible to address the subject of the question at hand as accurately and unbiasedly as possible.   The Stone of True-Seeing is crafted from a piece of unique rock or mineral that was found in the middle of an impact crater deep in the heart of the jungle of Cape Verdant. The Lizardman tribe that found the rock worshipped the object as a gift from their gods, and their wisest and most powerful shaman was charged with looking after and caring for the object. Over the years the stone was in his charge he shaped and polished it innumerable times until it had taken on its current shape. In form, the Stone of True-Seeing is a highly polished dark purple/black stone about the size of a grapefruit. It is incredibly heavy, and even the strongest humanoid would struggle to lift it by themselves. The material that the Stone is made from has never been found elsewhere in Ulskandar, nor has anymore been observed to fall from the sky. During the meticulous work the shaman carried out to turn the alien object into a thing of beauty, he discovered the true power and potential of the stone, and gave it the name it still bears, the Stone of True-Seeing.   In addition, Stone of True-Seeing has, according to legend vastly extended the life of its shaman ward, and he is rumoured to still be alive and caring for the stone, having lived over 13 times the average lifespan of others of his species. Because of this, the whole tribe has shifted its purpose and culture to revolve around the protection and sustenance of the shaman and the Stone of True-Seeing. The tribes location is hard to access, even for those who know where they live, and have been granted access to the land of Cape Verdant, which lies in the heavily insular and protected territory of Zhisbon. Nevertheless, people from all across the continent of Turoza have attempted to find the tribe, and have their deepest, darkest questions about their past, present and future answered by the Stone of True-Seeing and its shaman ward. It is even thought that Ajrihaan the draconic ruler of Zhisbon has consulted the Stone of True-Seeing on several occasions, so that she may better rule and guide her people.
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Very Rare
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