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The Archive

Many scholars debate the specifics of the archive. It is believed to control access to the greatest wealth and ultimate power of the realms. What is known definitively is that it's possessor is known as The Archivist and has access to a wealth of powers.   The creator is rumored to be a golden dragon who was once imprisoned for a thousand years.   Powers associated with the Archive include the following. Though some are clearly thought to be over-exaggerations.  
  • transform itself to any number of forms.
  • render things invisible
  • summon nearly any piece of equipment that can be thought of
  • teleport at will
  • make the bearer immune to disease
  • access to unlimited resources
  • commanding servants of elementals
  The last known bearer was a monk of the Monastary of Cos. The Archive was used to great effect in discovering the assassin of the Minam Empire's emperor. She is rumored to have died about two hundred fifty years ago.     No known whereabouts of the item exist. There have been an increasing number of inquiries regarding the Archive and the Church of the Earthstar, so it is likely someone either has picked up the trail or is
Item type
Raw materials & Components
Generally thought to be made of only the finest components, no one is for sure what they are. Common speculation includes; dragon horns, giant gems, ancient strange metallic alloys.
Scholars who have studied this item in depth know that the gold dragon did actually create the item, though he was imprisoned longer than a thousand years. It is also not a single item but actually a set of items passed down the the next Archivist as a set. It is unclear how many items are included. Commonly speculated inclusions include; a magic tome, a crystal spindle, an adamantine ring, a brooch, a rod or wand, and a glimmering orb.

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