The Crown of the First King

The crown of a thousand stars

The king stood on the balcony, his crown looking to be a thousand different colors and glimmering in the sunlight. The crown was the very symbol of the kingdom, and people in the crowd gasped at the sheer beauty of it.


The crown of the first king is considered to be the most valuable item ever made. The crown was manufactured in 11 AK by the same king who founded Edrea. The crown was the King's most valued defense, it protected him from assassinations and accidents alike.   The crown was passed from King to King, however, it was stolen out of the royal ship when on a diplomatic journey to the southern continent. It is said that it was stolen by the pirate of the name Captain Sandbrook . After the crown was stolen it is said that the pirate ship went down and everyone abord died a gruesome death.
The crown was stolen by pirates when the king was on his way from Morlea to the southern continent by ship.


The crown is mainly made of the metal avecae, an iridecent metal that is very valued for it's possibilites when combined with magic.
The metal used to make the crown is the iridecent metal called Avecae.
The crown also contains the biggest pearl ever found, 8 small pearls, 4 big diamonds, 8 smaller, and 3 of the most valuable rubies ever found. Theere are also around 600 very small diamonds all over the crown. It has also been infused with magic from the greatest warlock that could be found at the time of it's making. The enchantment makes the wearer almost invincible and the crown cannot be knocked of during fights but only taken of by people percieved by the wearer as a non-threat.

The Crown of the First King

Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Edrea
One of a kind
1,3 kg
Raw materials & Components


  • Pearls

  • Diamonds

  • Rubies

Related Myths
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Other names:
  • Crown of a Thousand Stars
  • The Tamed Rainbow

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