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Divine Relics

The Divine Relics are gifts that came directly from the four Elder Gods.  

Origins of a Relic

When the planet was still young, it was threatened by a Celestial that came to be known as the Interloper. The Interloper was part of the same planet-creating species as Fate, but had chosen to spend its efforts stealing young planets from others of its species rather than expending the energy to create them itself. The Elder Gods fought back against the gargantuan creature, barely able to protect their home. During the battle, one of its antlers was shorn from its mask, falling to the top of the Shirain Mountains.   The antler, made of pure Celestial Magic, corrupted the ground around it, giving rise to the Red Forest. Normally, Fate would have taken the antler in its entirety; though its children could use Celestial magic, too much was a danger to the planet. But in a moment of affection, it gifted each of the Elder Gods a piece of the antler. It warned them of the power in the antler, but felt that they deserved the spoils of their victory.   These four pieces of crystalized Celestial magic would become known as the Relics.  

Divine Disaster

Initially, the Gods kept a close hold on their Relics. Who knew if or when the Interloper may return? But the four Elder Gods, family though they may be, possessed a penchant for infighting. During a cataclysmic clash between the Goddess of Truth and the God who would come to be known as the Dark God, both chose to use their Relics. The power in these tiny antlers became clear when a stray blast of Celestial magic managed to literally sink an entire continent.   They realized then why Fate had warned them of the power in the Relics. In their hands, it was simply too much. Embarrassed and devastated at the loss of so much mortal life, the Gods vowed that the Relics would remain out of Divine Hands.  

A Gift to the Mortals

As a direct result of their mistake, the Gods began the practice of choosing mortal Vessels for their power. These four mortals, born with divine magic, the God's symbol as a birthmark, and eyes an exact copy of the God's own, were gifted the Relics. In this way, they could act as the God or Goddess's voice on Tarin and have the power necessary to back up their words. However, unlike the gods, the mortals needed to be shielded from direct contact with the Relics. The pure celestial magic interacts with the celestial magic the Vessels are born with, and has caused a drastic increase in the speed of Ascension. To circumvent this, the Relics were made into jeweled adornments that the Vessels must wear at all times.
The Divine Relics. From left to right, the Relic of Truth, the Relic of Chaos, the Relic of Order, and the Relic of Deceit. by CrimzN
Vessels to this day are trained using replica relics in order to learn how to move without the Relic touching their skin. Prolonged direct exposure to the Relics and their Celestial magic causes the Vessel to undergo the phases of vitralus poisoning in addition to the increase in the speed of their ascension.  

Power of the Relics

The Relics are priceless and incredibly powerful magical artifacts. The Celestial magic within them grants truly divine levels of power, but it is all dependent on the intentions of the user. Celestial magic acts on a combination of the users conscious and subconscious desires. Unless they are in alignment, the magic will be difficult and dangerous to control.   When used properly, the relics can either cause massive destruction due to the corrosive affects of Celestial magic on organic material, or amazing acts of creation and rebirth. It is because of this that Vessels are always attended by Knights of their God. Who knows what could happen if the Relics fell into the wrong hands...?


Cultural; the Relics are gifts of divine favor.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Unique, only four exist in the world.
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