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A precious stone, or something more...?


Material Characteristics

Vitralus is a glossy stone, always looking almost wet no matter how arid the environment in which it grew. Similar to opals, it reflects in a myriad of colors. Unlike opal, in which the color is entirely based on refraction of the light, Vitralus actually includes tiny inclusions of different colors. Vitralus also always includes a bright, unnaturally green flash.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Vitralus is a crystalized form of Celestial magic. Just like Celestial magic itself, Vitralus is extremely toxic to mortals. However, unlike the pure form, it takes much longer for the corrosive and toxic elements to take effect. Depending on the color of the stone, it will either feel warm or icy cold. Hard as a stone, or soft in an unsettling manner.   Holding Vitralus will cause the wielder to have immense magical power and potential. After all, like all Celestial, Vitralus seeks to fulfill the desires of its wielder.   Prolonged exposure to Vitralus will initially cause minor burns, almost similar to a sunburn. As exposure time increases, individuals will begin experiencing nausea, vomiting, fever, and headache.   Further exposure will cause impairment to the central nervous system and the individual's magic. At this point, the individual will lose control of their magic entirely. Eventually, between the damage to their body and magic, the individual will perish, utterly and completely.   What is left of their body will be what appears to be a statue, made entirely of Vitralus.

Geology & Geography

Vitralus is found within the Shirain Mountain range, growing outwards from the point of impact of the antler of the invading Celestial that attacked at the birth of the planet. Not only did this create the Red Forest, but the Celestial magic leeched into the very earth.   Vitralus spreads along pre-existing veins of Crystalline Essentia within the mountain range, taking it over and corrupting it into more Vitralus. Vitralus can also spread along veins of quartz, but the spread is much slower. Similar to the Red Forest, Vitralus requires a certain level of cold in order to exist. At this point, scientists suspect the corrupted material has reached the limits of its spread. Hopefully. Before the spread of Vitralus, Shoni Crystals could be mined across the Shirain Mountain range. Due to the deadly effects of Vitralus, the mines that have been overtaken by this material are now abandoned.
Abandoned Shoni Crystal Mines

History & Usage


When we entered the mine, we were struck with a sense of... unease. The crystals we had been mining just days before had been colorless like all Shonis. But... They were red now. All of them were red with an odd shine. When our lantern's light struck them they glowed and shone like opals. But this wasn't the right environment for opals, and we'd seen them days before! When I touched one, I swear I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and goosebumps ran along my arms.   It was warm to the touch. Stones aren't supposed to be warm.   But they were so beautiful, we knew we had to have them.

Everyday use

Vitralus was once used to create amulets of incredible magical power, granting the wearer immense strength.   Once its deadly side effects were discovered, Vitralus was no longer used for jewelry. Unless, of course, one means to assassinate a rival in a particularly horrific fashion. Gifts of opals are now seen as bad luck as a result of this.

Cultural Significance and Usage

An extremely powerful and refined form of Vitralus makes up the Divine Relics worn by the Vessels of the Gods.



Vitralus is contained in warm containers, and kept away from stones that it could corrupt and spread through.

Law & Regulation

Mining, transporting, or owning Vitralus is highly regulated, and illegal outside of research purposes.
Extremely rare due to the fact it isn't mined anymore.
Vitralus comes in a variety of colors. Some of the most common are seen below.
Common State
Vitralus is found in solid-state only. Attempts to change the state have caused release of liquid Celestial magic, destroying the equipment used.
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As discussed, prolonged exposure to Vitralus causes the affected individual to undergo a cascade of symptoms.  
First Phase
Initial exposure may cause a burn, similar to a sunburn
Second Phase
Prolonged exposure will cause nausea, vomiting, fever, and headache
Third Phase
Continued exposure will cause damage to the central nervous system, and impact the users ability to control their magic.
Fourth Phase
Death via becoming a statue of pure Vitralus

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