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Brass Crown

Yes, I know it's a sacred ancient artifact, but it's so dreadfully plain! Let's make it a bit more glamorous!
— Queen Saethra, the Vain
The Brass Crown has been the crown of the Taranian royal line since the unification of Tarania. It was created by Selah, Goddess of Memory and the Grave, to commemorate and formalise the unification. Selah gifted it to Bryda the Conqueror, making her Queen Bryda I and beginning the Taranian royal line. Thanks to its unique properties it has remained in the hands of the Taranian royals ever since, no matter what difficulties they have faced.

Since the Fall of Tarania the Crown has weakened, though it still remains a potent artifact. It is unclear if the weakening is due to the death of its creator or the collapse of the kingdom it was created for. The royal family hope that it will begin to regain its powers now that New Tarania has been established and is beginning to stabilise.
As it always does the crown rests in the possession of the current Taranian monarch. At the moment this is the young King Gery II.

The Brass Crown


The Crown is a very potent artifact, as befits the creation of a greater goddess. As with all such divine artifacts it is entirely impossible to damage the Crown by any conventional means. Beyond this passive protection it also has two primary active powers.
The first ability of the Crown is to emphasise its wearer's authority. A rightful King or Queen wearing the Crown can speak with a voice of command that will cause even strong-willed people to obey immediately. The commands fade in mere seconds, but they are exceptionally difficult to resist. A lesser use of this power allows the wearer to be heard clearly no matter the noise around them - when the monarch speaks, the world listens. The Crown is also capable of supporting its wearer in other ways. For example, while they wear the Crown dirt will never land on them, and clothes suitable for a monarch are only ever a thought away.

The really interesting thing about the Brass Crown is how it alters the paths of power. The monarch can still be killed, yes, but there can be no coup. No disgruntled duke or slighted younger princess can claim power, for the throne follows the Crown, and the Crown is inviolable. That does not, however, block off all routes to power for the particularly cunning, for sometimes the Crown will land on the head of a monarch who can be controlled.
— Toran Medazak, "The Nations of Nalunara"

The Crown's second ability, and perhaps its more well-known, is that it is permanently tied to the Taranian royal family. It cannot be lost or stolen, for it will return to the rightful monarch with but a single command from them. Furthermore, when the monarch dies the Crown immediately appears upon the head of the next in line. The Crown follows the rules of absolute primogeniture, falling to the next royal in line regardless of their gender. The Crown cares not for bastardy or illegitimacy either - the royal blood is all that matters. Occasionally surprised royals who had expected to be next in line have found themselves overlooked in favour of an unknown older bastard, and at least one rebellion has occurred as a result. As a matter of Taranian law there must be no contending with the choice of monarch - the Crown's authority is absolute.

As well as these well-known powers, there are persistent rumours that the Crown has other powers that the Taranian royals have kept secret from the public. Commonly-speculated powers include some form of truth-telling, and the ability to scry on far-off parts of the kingdom. No proof has ever surfaced that the Crown actually does possess these, or any other, speculated powers.
Creator Selah, Goddess of Memory and the Grave
Function Crown of the Taranian monarch
Current Owner King Gery II
Current Location Irrelevant; the Crown can be on King Gery's head at a single thought from him

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