Fuel is usually supplied in cans for easy storage and transportation. Sometimes it is stored in reservoirs instead. Vehicles rarely fill up their fuel tank completely. They usually stick to an amount so they need to refuel about once per day, depending on how active they are during that day.   Vehicles can feel hunger when their fuel tanks go empty. Since they are hardly ever full, this means that hunger is basically an ever-present feeling to varying degrees. It is generally easy to ignore, unless the fuel tank is getting really close to empty. At that point vehicles may find it difficult to focus on anything else, to the point of being unable to sleep.   There used to be Gasoline fuel, but nowadays it has been replaced completely by Diesel.   Fuel can be acquired in the following ways:
  • Producing it. Clans own refineries and the necessary infrastructure to operate them.
  • Trading it. Teams and other clans can buy fuel from the clans that produce it.
  • Stealing it. The most common way for teams to acquire it. They simply raid trade routes or other teams and take what they can get.

Manufacturing process

Fuel is produced in a similar way that was the case back when the humans were still around. Clans quarry the crude oil, which is then transported and prepared in their refineries. The whole process requires a certain manpower - even though the quarrying and refining is done by autonomous, non-sentient machines, they have to be maintained and monitored. For the transport, trains and/or trucks are needed.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Used by
Base Price
Traded in kind. The value can vary greatly.
Starvation is one of the leading causes of death among vehicles. In regions where fuel is especially hard to acquire, one can often find whole teams that have simply collectively starved to death.


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