A delicacy that can only be found with the CH Clan. This special kind of fuel is prepared in an unique way that makes consuming it a thrilling experience.



In order to make Hot-And-Cold, a particular type of fuel can is required. These cans contain two chambers that are insulated from each other. One also needs at least one other container that is suitable for heating up liquids. Except for the container requirement, the preparation is rather easy and can be done by a single vehicle - it's perfect for a lone guard watching over their area for days on end without anyone ever coming past.   By any means available (for example a stove or fire), fuel is heated up to a temperature of about 60°C, though it can be hotter or cooler according to preference. That's the main component. The other component is fuel that can be any temperature, as long as it is significantly cooler than the heated fuel. The needed tools and resources for this meal are easily accessible and simple, suitable of the self-sustaining clan's means.


Once the fuel is heated up, it is filled into one chamber of the special can. The cold fuel is filled into the other chamber. It is immediately ready for consumption. Each chamber has its own opening, which both lead to the same nozzle. The vehicle can switch between the openings by turning a dial. That way, they can either first drink one chamber and then the other, or mix and match as they like.   Many claim that the hot side tastes different than the cold side, and there is even controversy going on which side tastes better. Discussing Hot-And-Cold is considered a sufficient substitute for actually interesting conversations (which are hard to come by with the absence of interesting things happening in the clan territory).


Hot-And-Cold is extremely popular among the clan people, even though it is barely known outside their clan territory. It is consumed all year round, with no particular occasion needed. Most of the time, the occasion is simply boredom. Something like fuel of different temperatures is very exciting compared to the social stagnation and never-changing environment that living and travelling in this territory offer.   Since everyone can make it easily, it's not regarded as artful or something that requires much skill. It is more of a cuisine tradition that everyone can participate in and is encouraged to do so. Refusal to even try it will definitely earn a vehicle weird looks.

Surrounding Culture

While vehicles also make it when they're at home, it's generally considered a traveller's food. It is associated with home sickness and a sense of national pride, something that the guards eat while they're out in their outposts and bunkers, protecting the clan's borders. It's unknown who first invented this meal, although it is commonly attributed to a tank who supposedly got lost in the Alps during a snowstorm decades ago and came up with it while isolated for five weeks in an abandoned bunker.   Foreigners who have tried Hot-And-Cold have found it to be exactly the same as regular fuel.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Subtype / Model
Owning Organization
Very common


Author's Notes

You can thank Qurilion for this article.

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20 Oct, 2018 18:13

It's awesome! Too bad there is no, "I really like this" button. Wouldn't the discussion over which is better become stagnant after a while as well? Or do they then move on to discussing which quanteties of hot or cold is the best? (while some interject that mixing is the best?)

20 Oct, 2018 20:10

Haha I'm glad you enjoy the article!!   You're probably right about the discussion topics; I imagine that once they have discussed everything there is about the different qualities and aspects of the meal, they either discuss something else, or just start over because no one really cared about the conversation enough to really pay attention in the first place.

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XD yeah! <3

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Haha! I really enjoyed the tone of the article. It excells in actually conveying a boring atmosphere without being boring in tone. The situation of the vehicles that leads to wanting to consume it sound oddly grey and bleak, emphasizing the effect of this food. I really like it
Also I kinda lost it at the reaction image of all other clans.
from a worldbuilding perspective, the article is a nice additional detail but it feels to be of no consequence for the world at large. That is nothing bad, it works well as a standalone, but maybe you can refer to this food occasionally in the future. It is certainly a detail where you are delighted to stumble upon.

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Thank you for your comment! :D   I'm glad to hear that the article came across this way, that's what I intended!   You make a good point about the consequence, I'll try to keep it in mind! I'll most definitely include it in my story (if I don't forget) and maybe I can find some spots to sneak in a mention on the WA page as well. ^_^

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Thanks, I'm glad! :D

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9 Apr, 2021 18:07

This is a very interesting (and slightly humorous to me) article! I find it rather funny that this clan drinks hot-and-cold, and argues over which tastes better, cold or hot, while foreigners find it tastes exactly like regular fuel. Great job!

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It is rather tongue-in-cheek, yes. ^^ Glad you enjoyed it!

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