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Grand Enchanter

The Grand Enchanter is a title that rarely is used throughout history. It's a symbol of hope and trust throughout the world.


The Grand Enchanter is a title for the strongest wielder of light magic at a given time. It's usually given only when they are able to rely on their magic fully without feeling drained.


The Scion's Circle has appointed all Grand Enchanters. They need a unanimous vote to appoint one. However, the Grand Enchanter is not part of the Scion's Circle.


They have one duty, to drain away the dark. As such, they are meant to hunt and destroy wielders and artifacts pertaining to dark magic.


By the time they reach this level of power, the ageing process slows to a near halt. It's said that they could live as long as scions or even longer, but no enchanter has lived long enough to prove the theory. In most all cases, factions or countries will respect their opinion.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Every enchanter should have a Enchanter's Focus. However, the focus is usually only given upon appointment as a Grand Enchanter.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death is the only possible way to lose the title. Enchanters are extremely rare, so a replacement would be found until after their death.


The first Grand Enchanter was created to fight a group call The Embrace lead by a tyrant that took over the continent after the Never Ending Crisis. He lead a group called The Union of Pellamulara and fought to stop him. Since then the Scion's Circle has dedicated themselves to finding and protecting the enchanter until they can grow in strength to become the Grand Enchanter. This current era is the 4th use of the title.

Notable Holders

Riss : The First Enchanter : 14 S - 51 S   Galena : The Seeker of Dreams: ~830 S- ~ 1,566 S   Rosario: General Of Light: 2,488 S - 2,642 S   Gwen : The Hero of Light: 3,448 S - Present
"The current Grand Enchanter is Gwen. I've heard stories of her achievements, but I've never met her. I would be a great pleasure to interview an enchanter instead of listening to rumors.
— Archivist Renna
Magical, Professional
Alternative Naming
Grand Light Protector
Source of Authority
Their magic is their authority. The Illumination Magics are the most powerful controllable magics to exist, so offending wielders is costly.
Length of Term
First Holder
Current Holders
Past Holders
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