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Athishkadra holds the Naganais seat in the Scion's Circle and is the longest living member. His actions have led them to find the Grand Enchanters and has been the source of many intelligence breaches with the Aulus Imperium. While the Imperium can not act against him, he has been cite to be troublesome and against Imperium interests.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Not many have seen him, but accounts say he is a pretty sturdy man with a dark skin tone. His eyes have appeared to that of raging thunderstorms that never cease. He dresses in a way to appear as a beggar which makes in hidden from eyes of his enemies.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Little is known about his past due to the lack of records and his desire to keep it a mystery. Even his long lifespan is an anomaly and some say he is merely a ghost because of it. However, this is merely a rumor and we at the archives have disproved this rumor time and time again. He was not present during the Never Ending Crisis, but met with the original Scion's Circle before he began the second person ever to take the Naganais seat. Born in the Areus Moor Plains, he has always been against the Aulus Imperium and has on numerous occasion advise the Circle to take action against the Imperium. While he may dislike us, he has provided intel to us on many occasions in exchange for information of our own. He plays as a secrets broker to help assist the Circle in their decisions. This was the nature of our relationship in the early years.   When the Imperium ended their second age of expansionism, he disappeared from contact with us. Reports suggest he went underground to speak with the Dwarves before their arrival to the surface many years later. He would return to monitor his glade, but these were rare times. However, when he did appear, either conflicts were suddenly ended or they were started. He was labeled as a dangerous individual from this point forward. We would not see him again until the Sor-Ta Empire fell under Imperium control. He gave the Narigita false information would assisted in their defeat. By now his priorities would appear to change.   From then on he would focus on the collection of magical knowledge and secrets. It's even believed he foretold the coming of the next enchanter by fifty years prior. Farnora would state that he was instrumental in finding the current Grand Enchanter and establishing the current political climate. Whether is claim is true remains to be seen, but it can't be doubted completely.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He located each of the Grand Enchanters since Riss. Without his help they may never been found and help bring the world into what is is today.

Failures & Embarrassments

He would claim that the Enslavement of the Fexian populations would be his greatest mistake because he had the knowledge which could have prevented such an atrocity at the scale it occured.



Mentor (Important)

Towards Farnora




Protegee (Important)

Towards Athishkadra




Athishkadra has been around since nearly the founding of the Scion's Circle. She uses him as an anchor to help make the big choices and to rely of the past decisions of her predecessors. While they may not be friends on a personal level, they trust each other to help when it comes to the Circle's business.

A very unusual character, but he is the eyes and ears of the Scion's Circle. It was his job and he performed it well.
— Archivist Renna
Lawful Neutral
578 S 3463 S 2885 years old
Circumstances of Death
*Old Age
Aligned Organization
Update: Recently is was revealed to us in a meeting with the Circle that he passed away a few years ago and a successor has been chosen. His cause of death was old age, but this has not been confirmed.
— Head Archivist Octavian

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