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The Speaker is the leader of the Scion's Circle and can be considered one of the most influential person in the world. The Speaker is powerful and dangerous in combat and in the political battlefields.


There are a few qualifications, being able to understand the cultures and influences of the world. Being very diplomatic and strategic is also very important to the position.


The position can only be given to someone with the circle and is not the same type of Scion as the previous holder.


There is a ceremony, but this is kept secret from the world expect to only it's members.


The Speaker generally monitors worldly affairs and contacts leaders of powerful factions.


The tend to the Scion's Glade across the world and help maintain magic stability throughout their assigned region.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Speaker has not associated equipment to keep their identity a secret to the eye. Only the ones important enough will have the privilege of known their identity.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

There is no procedure that we know of since it's never been recorded.


Since the founding of the Circle thousands of years ago, there has only been a few Speakers due to their long lifespan. There has only been six since it's initial consolidation. The First Speaker was chosen then to keep a balance among the members. It's been rare for the Speaker to actively use it's influence to get involved in world politics, but it has happened a few times.
While I hate to say it, but the Speaker could determine the outcomes of wars and conflicts with a single letter. We have been lucky that they have mostly stayed out of world politics, so far.
— Archivist Renna
Magical, Honorific
Year: 1 S
Equates to
Source of Authority
Their history and raw magical power has given them the power to demand whatever they wish.
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Locations
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