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Scion's Glade

These glades are rare and hidden far away from civilization. Only scions or the magically empowered can find their way to them. However, if you ever did find one, it was because you were allowed to find it.


The glades are all over the world. In some cases they are located at a oasis or maybe even a mountain peak. There is one key similarities between all locations have a water source. This source is filled with magic that when touched by any normal creatures heals them of any injury or illness. Scion's allow to to regenerate and absorb some of the magic. However, taking water out of the glades will make it lose its properties.

Fauna & Flora

Phoenix Heart

  The Phoenix Heart is a wondrous plant that is a rarity in the world. This flower has been around for ages as a medical treatment for the worse conditions.
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Cover image: magic stone by Effett


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