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Attributes, The Card Game

Cards of Attributes is a card game that is a popular sport among the northern nations. While not a physical sport, it's more of a mental sport practiced among travelers and the elite. With tournaments around the continent, the game has influenced many lives throughout the world.


Attributes, The Card Game was made by a cobbler in Central Lothna at around 2571. It was only a local game until it's rise in popularity in the region in the 2600s. It quickly spread elsewhere in the north and became a staple in inns and bars around the northern nations in 2700s. Now it's everywhere with tournaments hosted across the continent. It has become a sport that has surpassed any form of real combat for years now.


Cards are blank until a player touches the deck with magic. This attuned the deck to this player for the game. When done the players dominate hand will receive the number 15 on the back. This represents each players life. Each player then draws 5 cards from their deck then the game can begin.   Cards are broken up into cards from 0 - 9 with cards connected with 7 attributes (Strength, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Luck) and the 8 magics (Light, Dark, Life, Death, Solar, and Lunar). When the deck is attuned, the cards begin to reflect player's actual abilities into the cards. Each attribute is assigned a number which determined the number of cards assigned to that attribute. The max deck strength is 240 and minimum is 150.   Each attribute and magic have a counter which gives the favored card +2 to its number. Here are the counters pointing to the attribute that it beats:   (Intelligence -> Charisma-> Constitution -> Agility-> Strength -> Wisdom -> Luck -> Intelligence)   (Cycle Magics-> Elemental Magics-> Celestial Magics-> Cycle Magics) (Dark-> <- Light)   Once the game begins, the person with the highest Agility goes first. If there is a tie, then the states are checked in this order (Luck, Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence, Strength).   A true consists of two phases. The Defensive phase where the player draws up to 5 cards (They are not at 5 yet) and can play up to two cards. Once completed, the next phase begins, the Activation Phase. Any of their cards in play can be activated. The following list details the card type's effects. once done that end that player's turn and their opponent's turn begins.   Each type of card is associated with an attribute that is involved with a skill such as archery.      

Attribute: Skills / Uses

  Strength: Physical attacks, blocks, overcomes, stun.   Agility: Ranged attacks, dodges, stealth, poison.   Constitution: Protection, equipment, resist.   Intelligence: Cycle Magics, alchemy, Tactics.   Wisdom: Elemental Magics, Heal, Perception.   Charisma: Celestial Magics, Trade, Speech.   Luck: Bonus       During combat, cards might break. To perform a card break, during the Activation phase, when a player activates a card, the opponent may attempt to defend. If the opponent's card is higher than the current player, then a card break occurs. During these moments, a duel occurs. The higher card always wins, but players can keep placing cards until one player can no longer play. The winning card's affect actives after.   Players play cards until one side reaches below 0 of their life and the game is over.

Components and tools

A deck of Attributes Cards (30 cards) for both players, a game gem. The game gem makes sure the game is played fair, moves the in-play cards, and shuffles. It adds effects and allows lucks to be random.


There are two players at a time, but there are rules for playing in with teams of three and four.


The game is played among many throughout the year, but there are a few occasions where the best of the best come together to be crowned Champion of Attributes. The League made up of many people around the world with the sole purpose of running these tournaments and festivals. People flock to see these tournaments due to the excitement and the displays of action tournaments make with the cards. With only three a year all around the world, people go out of their way to see them when they are nearby. Some go to player while others to enjoy the show.   Each match is held at a small table for the two players. Everything is setup for the game and they play, but its the effects around them that people love to see. Above them illusion magics cast by lunar illusionists illustrate the battle in a visual way such as a large shield for block or a cloud of a sickly green hew for poison around the poisoned player. When card breaks occur, flashes of explosions of color and number erupt until one is the winner. These effects are made during brackets only.    

Tournament of Luck

  It starts with the Tournament of Luck hosted in a random city in the world determined by the League. This is the preliminary tournament to allow novices to participate as a Wielder of Attributes, the victors of this tournament. Anyone can enter as long as they have a deck, that they are considered an adolescent in their species, and a fee of ten gold. Players play a series of ten games against different opponents. Win at least six of these games to continue on. Lose five games and you are out of the tournament. However, this is the Tournament of Luck, and 64 losing players will be chosen by luck to continue on.   The next round is a traditional tournament bracket with 32 players for each bracket. With each win the players rise of the bracket until there is a winner. There are some special rules in this round. All players will receive five luck cards in their deck during all their matches, generally only one is in a deck, but rarely. The matches play out as normal. The lucky 64 also play out their matches in their own special four brackets with the same rules.   The winners of round two and the lucky 64 move on to the final round. Commonly there is about a total of 24 to 44 winners in this pool. One large bracket holds the winners and they go to end. Same rules from round two, but now the luck cards go from five to three. The top 25% of this pool move on to the next tournament with the winner knowing the location of the next tournament.  

Tournament of Wit

  The next in the line of tournaments to the crowning of the Champion of Attributes. The winners for the first tournament all received a riddle hinting at the next location for the tournament. They must make it to the next city before the tournament begins which is about a week in time. Meanwhile the League will be constructing the event in their designated city or place. News will spread fast and people from the surrounding area will begin to make their way to the city. The League prepares the stage and the various games and shows around it. This is not merely about the card game, but also a gathering of music, stories, and art. However, this is the main event that the prominent players of the game come to meet other players and fans of the game.   When the tournament begins there are two different portions of the event to explore. The main half is the tournament bracket consisting of the winners from the Tournament of Luck and a bracket for veterans. The two go on at the same time until there is one winner. The two winners receive an invitation to the final tournament. The special rule for this tournament is the hand size has been increased to 8 instead of 5 and at least one tactics card is in each player's deck. The other half is for the guests. This is where people can play against each other casually and exchange stories and fun.    

The Tournament of Attributes

  The final tournament in the professional league is placed in one of the capital cities on the continent. This tournament consists of only the people who have beaten the previous two tournaments. This is the one everyone who is someone go to. This has huge arenas where magic is flung around to dazzle the audience in their game of wits. Only one bracket takes place with the reigning Champion of Attributes dueling the winner of the tournament at the end for the title. 5 matches occur each day with a best of five rule, no special rules. Each player that wins a match receives money which varies between the funding for that year.   Visitors to the tournament place bets on players for large sums of gold in hopes to make it big through the wins. The game itself isn't usually played at the tournament, but more of discussed and watched. This is held yearly, so people tend to go to every other one because the time dedication can be costly to the lower-class visitors.
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Important Terms

  Physical/Ranged attacks: This will damage your opponent. This Card's number - Protection or (Block/Dodge) (Min 0)   Blocks: This will reduce damage. +2 against Ranged Attucks during card breaks.   Overcomes: Removes stun or poison.   Stun: The stunned player can only play 1 card during the Defensive Phase.   Dodges: This will reduce damage. +2 against Physical Attucks during card breaks.   Stealth: The player in stealth can not be card broken.   Poison: The poisoned player will take 1 damage per true of the poisoned player.   Protection: Give a base defense against Physical/Ranged attacks.   Equipment: Can give +2 to either attacks or protection for one combat.   Resist: Give a base defense against magic attacks.   Alchemy: Can give either +2 Health, inflict poison, or overcome.   Tactics: Played along side another card will inverse attribute counters and add it's number to the card.   Heal: Heal +2 health   Perception: Revels Stealth; Draw a Card.   Trade Exchange played cards.   Speech Prevents trade; +1 on all card breaks.   Bonus:Can be played anytime. Random effect. Always card breaks.    

Magic Terms

  Attacks: This Card's number - Resist or (Overcome/Dodge) (Min 0)    

Cycle Magics

    Life Magics: It is possible to have any of these effects. Attack an opponent. Heal 1 damage. Block 1 damage to either magic or ranged attacks.   Death Magics: It is possible to have any of these effects. Attack an opponent add +5 hurt self by 1.  

Celestial Magics

    Solar Magics: It is possible to have any of these effects. Heal 4 damage. Block 4 damage to either magic or ranged attacks.   Lunar Magics: It is possible to have any of these effects. Attack an opponent add -1. Inflict poison. +2 against perception.  

Elemental Magics

  Fire: Attack an opponent. Inflict Stun   Water: Attack an opponent. Heal 2 damage.  

Illumination Magics

  Light: All of Life, Solar, and Fire's actions.   Dark: All of Death, Lunar, and Water actions.

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