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Introduction to Factions

The factions in our world are numerous from government organizations to secret cults. There moral compass of them all is different, so it is important to know their goals and what lengths they will take to complete them. As they rise and fall, keep an eye at the reasons they fall. It always hints at something underneath that is revealed later.
— Librarian Tatius


  Factions are broken up into two categories Independent and Dependent factions. Independent factions are not directly connected to another faction. They serve only themselves and no one else. Dependent factions are the opposite. They are subservient to another organization. While they might have some autonomy, they do serve another group as well. We also spit the countries away from the other organizations. The countries of the continent alter the course of history the most and reflect the current state of world affairs the most. Arguably as well, they have the most power among them all.  


  The countries of our world are split into two categories: Major and Lesser Powers. They are placed in these categories by the Emperor/ess themselves.  


  These countries are considered continental powers that have weight in world politics. They must be independent to be a continental power.  


  These countries are considered weaker if and general don't have much political weight alone, but many have a niche they do fill, but not in many aspects.  

Independent Organizations

  Independent organizations are free thinking and generally represent some sort of ideological, economical, or social group with their own agenda. Generally run democratically, but their are a small minority that run it with true authority.  

Dependent Organizations

  Dependent organizations work work another organization to help compete their agenda. These groups were formed by another to compete a task and can generally run autonomously as long as they follow their parent's organization's goals.

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